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Why Do They Keep Coming Back?

by | Sep 25, 2015

Participants learning the skills of PPP.

As I was beginning to write this article with the title of “Why do they keep coming back?” Bryan (my boss) walked in with information written on the palm of his hand.

He then got me to write the contact address for Pastor Martin on the Tek Ministri’s white board. Pastor Martin (Four Square Gospel Church) has requested for yet another BCT course!

The answer to the question is so obvious; they need the specialized skills for today’s church.

I am writing this as BCT 2 is being delivered for the Association of Baptists World Evangelism (ABWE) here the MAF Technologies’(formerly CRMF) Communications Training Room. We have total of 12 pastors, including three women who are participating. The highlight of this second course is the individual Power Point Presentations (PPP) which will be done tomorrow (the fourth day of the course). When we pick the pastor with the bright red jumper and ask him why he came to this particular training, this is what he said,

“I have tried to put a power point presentation on my own and I could not do it. Now this training has assisted me greatly and now I can put one together!”

The three women in this current course are full time in Women’s Ministry in their Church. They shared that with a program like Power Point Presentation it will help them to effectively teach writing and word recognition using slides.

They excitedly shared how they will use the skills learned by using pictures to teach children in their Sunday school classes.

With our female participants that have come through the training most of them are Sunday school teachers, vocational teaching staff and pastor’s wives who will assist their husbands with office administrative work.

These women are into full time Women’s Ministry

While the men are dominated by Pastors, Youth leaders and a lower percentage of church support workers.

So we ask again;

“Why do they keep coming?” They all know what they want; to learn the needed skills to be able to be affected with today’s ministry environment.

Preparing a ppp for presentation

Judy doing her presentation

The week long training ended on Friday (25th September) with opportunity given for participants to present their work using the power point program.

As trainers we were satisfied with the presentations and even really impressed with a pastor who delivered a powerful message using the slides he put together.

Ladies during graduation lunch.

In closing the training our Tek Ministri’s Country Manager Bryan Matthew reminded the participants  that the BCT is only an added tool for the pastors to continue to do the good work they are already doing. We thank the Lord for another successful BCT course and you all for your faithful prayers and generous support to continue this ministry.

  Group photo