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TSCF: Hanging Out With the WIFIBible

by | Jan 25, 2018

Deo with the TSCF coodinator and a Lecturer, showing off the install WIFIBible in its locked case and the A3 intsruction.

The Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) invested in two WIFIBible devices which they then presented to the Highlands Regional School of Nursing and the Goroka Business College. At the Highlands Regional School of Nursing, the WIFIBible is set up in their Recreational Hall where most of the students hang out and do their studies. WIFIBible is providing them another way for them to hang out and socialize, by giving them the opportunity to access and download free Biblical resourcess using their mobile devices.

At the Goroka Business College the WIFIBible device is set up in their Library. The Library as we know is a quiet place to do research and study. The books and the resources in the library are to be borrowed and given back, but the WIFIBible has provided a way that students can access and download resources for free which they can use and keep for themselves or share with others.

Deo installing the WIFIBible device.

Lukas with a student going through how to access files via the WIFIBible device.