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The Word of God reaches Aseki

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Digital Bibles: Audio Bibles

Curiosity and wonder filled their eyes, as they picked up the device (Audio Bible) and listened attentively to the Word of God being preached to them through their own familiar language (Tok Pisin).

Vincent John pictured with an Audio Bible.

Vincent John, a former student of our Basic Computer Training (BCT) workshop was first introduced to the Audio Bible in 2018 during a two-week BCT workshop that our team held in Sobeka just outside of Goroka town. He visited CRMF earlier this year (2019) in April and purchased 20 Audio Bibles from CRMF at the standard price of K76. Vincent decided to introduce and sell the 20 Audio Bibles he had purchased at a selling price of K80 to pastors, students and mothers most of whom were illiterate and living in Aseki village, a remote bush village in Menyamya, Morobe province.

“When I first introduced the Audio Bible to these particular individuals, there was complete silence as the word of God from the Audio Bible captured their attention.” – Vincent John.

Vincent distributed and sold the Audio Bibles to the beautiful Aseki people.

The people of Aseki in Menyamya know the importance of the Word of God and they are hungry to learn the Word so they in turn can share the truth to others within their community. The Audio Bible now gives them that option to learn, teach and minister the Word of God to the people living in and near their remote communities.

Vincent came across mothers, who were leaders in the churches, but they were limited in their understanding of the Word of God because many of them could not read or write.

The Audio Bibles sold to them breaks down the Word of God in a simple and easier way to learn especially since it has been programmed with the common Tok Pisin language. This has now given them a better understanding to learn the Word of God and in learning they are now better equipped to teach each other and their church members the Word of God.

The young man that attends Aseki Primary School 

Vincent also had the opportunity to introduce and sell an Audio Bible to a young man attending Aseki Primary School in Menyamya. The young man was very fond of the Audio Bible so he bought one and told Vincent that this was his first ever Bible because Aseki being in a remote bush area has no access to Christian book shops or any other basic but much-needed services we may take for granted.

Vincent John recognised a need and hunger for the Word of God in Aseki. Furthermore, he understood that the Audio Bible is an effective way of spreading the gospel of truth and in the hands of a people who are passionate, hungry and appreciative of God’s Word, many more lives can be transformed and impacted especially in hard-to-reach places and communities across our nation Papua New Guinea.

After selling the 20 Audio Bibles, Vincent visited CRMF again to purchase 22 Audio Bibles to distribute to youths who will be attending the upcoming Youth Camp in August this year at Aseki, Menyamya. We admire Vincent for going out of his way to reach out to people living in the remote bush village community of Aseki and we pray God will continue to work through and raise up a willing people like Vincent, to extend and make way for His Word through the Audio Bibles to reach their communities across PNG.


Audio Bibles at CRMF.