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The Advantages of a Solar System in Mougulu

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Solar Installation, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

CRMF’s Technician, Lukas Schadegg recently took an hour’s flight from Kiunga to the remote area of Mougulu for the purpose of planning solar-power solutions for the people and communities of Mougulu. This wasn’t CRMF’S first trip to Mougulu; CRMF has made a number of trips in the past to install radios and smaller solar-panel systems for the people and community.

This relationship with Mougulu was established through connections made with the Hoey family. Tom and Salome Hoey are missionaries from Australia and have been working in Mougulu for 51 years. Tom works as a Bible Translator and was involved in translating the complete Bible into the language of the Bedamuni people, also known as the Biami people. They are both actively involved in the community of Mougulu and in particular, the Mougulu Hospital. They played a huge role in the development of the Mougulu Airstrip and the Mougulu Hospital and a host of other initiatives for this remote community.

They hosted Lukas whilst he was there to carry out a solar-power system survey for the Mougulu Hospital. The solar-power option is a cheaper and reliable option for the hospital to transition from their use of the diesel generator to carry out operations with a 24/7 solar-power system.

Mougulu’s hospital operations are currently dependent on the diesel generator which at times is unreliable and causes many problems for the staff and the patients. These problems ranged from the inability to run life-saving oxygen concentrators or ceiling fans and even more concerning, the vaccines go to waste as they are not stored at the right temperature because of the limited power. In addition to this is the expense spent on a 200l diesel fuel drum and the transportation of the fuel by plane since there is no access by roads.

CRMF is working closely with the Hoeys’ for the plan to install solar panels and to initiate full solar-power for the Mougulu Hospital. The Hoeys’ and the community of Mougulu are excited about the future installation because this installation will help meet all the needs of the hospital patients, staff and the whole community. Furthermore this installation will solve existing problems in the hospital, bringing much-needed improvements and developments.

Tom and Salome, (both in their 80s) would like to continue to see further developments at the Mougulu Station and they are dedicated to help the local Biami people in their physical and spiritual needs. We thank the Lord that CRMF can contribute to meeting the needs of the Biami people in Mougulu and we are inspired by Tom and Salome’s vision and heart for the development of Mougulu and its people and we are committed to working together with them to see that happen.

CRMF not only provides the service for the solar installation, but we provide these services at an affordable price for the local people of Mougulu and other remote regions and churches around PNG. And CRMF is also available in the future to maintain the solar system if the need arises.