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Same Stomach

by | Apr 12, 2017

The classroom for the DTS program.

Every Home for Christ (EHC) is a mission organisation dedicated to the great commission. Its vision is to reach every home for Christ in Papua New Guinea.

EHC PNG is based in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province with its core mission to train Papua New Guinean missionaries and allocate them to different regions of the country.

The director for EHC PNG, Pastor Aaron Nikkie, had requested the Basic Computer Training (BCT) in 2016, but this didn’t work out, however in March 2017, MAF Technologies’ (formerly CRMF) Tek Ministri (LTPNG) staff became involved to start off the years curriculum for their Discipleship Training School (DTS) with the Basic Computing Course. Pastor Aaron was so happy and grateful that his vision to include computer training as part of the DTS‘ training has now became a reality.

The BCT itself lasted for two weeks with Lina Tomagau as the main trainer and with Brain Ward and Caine assisting her each week of the course.

EHC participants that have come for the Basic Computing Training course.

The students came from all the different provinces in PNG to go through the DTS program. Due to tribal conflict, the original site which hosted the DTS program was moved to a residential area.

I learned that the current site is a residential area of Pastor Aaron’s wife Roselyn Nikkie who willingly turned it into a venue to continue to deliver the DTS program.

I learned that the current site is a residential area for Pastor Aaron’s wife –  Roselyn Nikkie, who willingly turned it into a venue to continue to deliver the DTS program.

The family poultry project houses were adapted into dormitories and a temporary classroom was constructed to continue to have students train for mission outreach work. The Tek Ministri (LTPNG) training staff had the opportunity to meet students from East Sepik, Hela, West New Britain, Central and Western Highlands. A couple of participants who took the basic computing course were team leaders from the regions.

Mr. Zibah Areni traveled all the way from Alotau to Mt Hagen (823km by plane) just to participate in the computing course. He said that he is very happy to have come a long way to have this basic training because, ” I see a lot of potential for a person in my position to use computer skills for ministry. With this kind of training and the times we are living in I find it helpful to equip me to carry out the vision for EHC in the region I serve.”

First print job, their own work.

Every training is different in terms of participants’ needs and so some extra sessions were offered by the team to meet those specific needs.

These are needs not on the normal BCT curriculum that MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) delivers to pastors. As a result of the two weeks spent with EHC the team sees opportunities that the Lord willing would develop into longer periods of working and sharing together in the future.

Because of the same focus of reaching the remote people groups with the Word of God via tracks, Audio Bible players, there is a very strong possibility to work more together so that our remotest people can be reached.

A back translation of Tok Pisin word for “Wan Bel” into English becomes “Same Stomach” In other words, we (CRMF/MAF)  have the same vision with Every Home for Christ to reach the remote people groups for Christ, be it tracks,missionaries,micro sd cards, flash drives, solar powered players, whatever resources as long as “Wan Bel stap long kisim tok bilong Bikpela i go long lain long bik bus.(We have the same vision and willing to work together to reach the remotest people groups with God’s word.)

Part of the main Highlands Highway becomes one lane as a result of a landslide.

Because it was a residential place construction is on-going. I had the privileged to have helped after classes to level this section of the ground for the students’ mess hall.

“We know that MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) and EHC and many other organizations that existed to reach people groups with the Good News, the path may not be clear but the vision must be crystal clear just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 – 20“.

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