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Our Paths Cross For A Greater Journey

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Digital Bibles: Audio Bibles, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

MAF Technologies is well known for walking the remote paths to bring help, hope and healing to the remote communities of Papua New Guinea. Although we are well known for what the Lord has enabled us to do in these remote communities, MAF Technologies is walking one small part of the greater journey.

This article is dedicated to the individuals and organisations who make us unique in the ministry we do. According to Romans 10:14 – 17, Paul’s rhetorical questioning covers all the logistical areas involved to the conclusive point of “faith comes by hearing”. Most times, MAF Technologies in its privileged “distributor” position is seen as the blessed feet that brings the good news over the mountains.

However, while I praise God for the opportunity to distribute, I want to gladly highlight two partners in the same breath who are the real heroes; the one who donates and the one who gives.

This particular giver was Remo Rueegg, a Swiss volunteer who came to PNG in 2017 to serve with CRMF as a part time worker. After he returned home, he began to give donations toward purchasing of audio Bibles. To date, Remo has helped placed audio Bibles in the hands of our illiterate Christians particularly in the remote places.

A photograph overlooking the Nandani church

“The hunger for God’s Word by the remote communities gives me the energy to carry bibles to the remote rural communities” – Pastor Robert Hane, FNBC.

Partnering with the giver, Pastor Robert Hane of FNBC for the last two years has been an incredible journey of seeing first-hand the hunger that people have for God’s Word! I am so humbled to be involved in a ministry of MAF Technologies for its uniqueness to distribute print and audio bibles to remote communities.

I sold about 120 audio Bible units on this particular trip but the significant thing that I still remember and the story line of this article is God’s orchestral monitoring of paths for individuals and organisations to cross for His important purposes. His important purpose is for all mankind to know his love and grace and call on him to be saved.

How can they call if they have not believed, and how can they believe if they have not heard and how can they hear if the good news is not preached to them? The preacher needs to be sent (Romans 10:14 – 15) Ps. Robert fits the description of someone willing to go in fulfilment of the “beautiful feet announcing the gospel of good things” and Remo Rueegg fits the description of sending because of his generous donations; Ps Robert has gift to give. God has involved two people in His way to share His love to the remote groups of people.

There is a typical example of paths being crossed whilst the journey continues in the Emmaus account in Luke 24:13 – 28. Cleopas and his friend have the opportunity to cross paths with Jesus because of their situation. Their situation was; “things concerning Jesus the Nazarene… verse 19, and how the leaders handed him over to be sentenced to death…verse 20, the empty tomb report by the women verse 22 – 24. Then Jesus connects all the different paths starting from Moses then to the prophets and eventually Himself (verse 27).

The final realisation was the breaking of the bread when Cleopas and his friend knew who he was and went immediately to join the rest of the followers.

For the followers of Jesus as recorded by Luke’s gospel, they had a situation for their paths to be crossed and as a result discovered the ongoing journey of really discovering who Jesus is.

Pastor Robert has done well to record the testimonies of those who received the donated Bibles, and with tears of joy in their eyes thank the Lord for the bibles. To the unfortunate remote people, to have a Bible is to have Jesus, a donor and the giver are in a sense giving Jesus to those who receive a bible.

Every recipient that received the bible thanked MAF Technologies for obedience to the command to give bible free or at an affordable price.

In another scenario we have four people who basically live alone as widows and widowers. Their path cross when John Ipi donates audio bible players to them, their cries of joy is an expression of receiving someone into their lonely lives, someone who actually speaks their heart language.

The significant feature of the units we distribute is the different languages made available by translation organisations for us to load and distribute.

They hear God speaking to them in their heart language, there is immediate connection because of the language. An old woman who received an audio Bible unit said, “If my pastor does not visit me, I should not worry because I have everything I need”

As Christians our “urgent argument” is to distribute Bibles to the remote people’s groups in our country by giving to those who cannot afford a Bible.

We thank the Lord because he has orchestrated the hearts of the people to generously give so that we can donate or sell at an affordable price and as result many others will cross paths with MAF Technologies, so that many more will pick up the track for the greater journey.

I praise God for the customers that come into MAF Technologies every day; through the front sales counter, phone, email and via the HF network, these are golden opportunities being orchestrated by God for the donor and the giver to be crossing paths for God’s greater journey.

Thank you everyone who fly, walk, pray, translate and give so that someone somewhere in the remote part of our country can fully know the love of God and hear God speak to them in their heart language.