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New system to assist rural health centres via radio crosspatch

by | Jun 26, 2023 | HF Radio, New!, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

MAF Technologies helps establish effective communication system for vital medical health service to reach the remote communities within Eastern Highlands Province (EHP).

Photo By Joy Suarkia
The newly installed High Frequency (HF) Radio communication system at the Eastern Highlands Provincial Hospital.

The hand-held radios to be used by the Doctors at the Eastern Highlands Provincial hospital when communicating with the remote aid post/remote health center within the Eastern Highlands Province. 

The Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA) makes access for medical health service to reach remote communities within the province thanks to the new crosspatch communication system of both the High Frequency (HF) Radio and Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio.

The HF Radio and VHF Radio operates at different frequencies as a communication tool. The HF Radio can reach a range of about 8000 km and more whiles the VHF radio reaches 230 km line of sight depending on the geographical landscape.

Cross patching of the two different radio frequency will make communication more convenient for the remote communities. Doctors from the provincial Hospital will be able to use the system to collect data whiles also assisting patients 24/7 so that patients don’t have to pay for extra cost on transportation to and from their remote communities to receive the needed health service. They will now be able to receive assistance from the comfort and safety of their remote aid post via the crosspatch system.

Present to witness the completion of phase one of the new cross patch system was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA), Dr. Joseph Apa and the EHPHA Public Health Director, Dr. Max Manape with the MAFI Asia Pacific Director, Samuel Okposin along with MAF Technologies, General Manager, Bryan Matthews.

From Left: MAFI Asia Pacific Director, Samuel Okposin, (EHPHA) Dr. Max Manape, MAF Technologies General Manager, Bryan Mathews and CEO Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority, Dr. Joseph Apa.

With positive remarks given on the new communication system, CEO for Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA), Dr Joseph Apa, indicated that the new system is a vital communication tool that will immensely have a positive impact in the remote communities as it will enable them to have easy access to medical services and medical assistance 7 days a week cutting down on travel expenses and medical expenses.

Meanwhile, MAF Technologies General Manager, Bryan Matthews stated that partnering with the Public Health Service and providing a reliable technology solution such as the crosspatch communication system is the way forward in helping reach similar goals to ensure that remote communities within Papua New Guinea receive the much-needed health services possible.

Both MAF Technologies Technician, Simeon Tom, with Senior Technician, Jacob Dikone and MAF Technologies General Manager, Bryan Mathews demonstrating how the hand held radio and HF radio works. 

This is a hope that the Eastern Highlands hospital crosspatch system can be a model for other Provincial Health Services within the country as it is an effective communication system that will connect and enable the isolated communities to receive vital communication link to support and implement medical services which in turn will save expanses and most importantly save numerous lives within the country.