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MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Witnesses a Medevac to Goroka

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Medical Evacuation, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

Recently CRMF was able to witness a medevac first hand. Around 11:30 a.m. the Marawaka airstrip agent called CRMF, asking us to organize a medical evacuation. The agent reported that a four-year-old boy named Urile was severely injured from falling down from an avocado tree which left a stick about 30cm long sticking through his right hip and out through his back shoulder.

Our HF Radio Operator, Justina, reported the emergency to a health worker, Mr Opa Kairu, at Goroka General Hospital, who is also in charge of medevacs from remote villages
“If they don’t bring the boy here in time, he won’t make it,” Mr Opa, Health Worker and Medevac Communicator at Goroka General Hospital told us.

Justina tried to contact MAF Goroka, but they were currently un-able to fly to Marawaka.

She felt strongly in her heart that she should call New Tribes Mission Aviation (NTMA). When Justina called NTMA, John Little and a trainee pilot, Brian, were just about to fly out to Marawaka within three minutes time. Everything worked out according to God’s timing and plan. At 1:35pm the plane left Goroka travelling to Marawaka and around 4:00pm the NTM plane arrived with the boy.

We all stood in the rain and watched in prayer as the health workers from Goroka General Hospital helped carry Urile from the New Tribes Mission plane to the ambulance.


Although it was not an easy sight for any of us at CRMF to witness firsthand what a medevac really looked like, this was a special moment as we followed the little boy from the NTMA area to Goroka General Hospital. Our team helped carry the four-year-old boy, Urile, from the car onto a hospital bed and pushed him to the operating room. From there the doctors told us that he would be fine. 

 “Thank you, thank you for making a way for little Urile to be here, and thank you for always being there to help. The service that CRMF continues to provide is such a great blessing to many lives,” Mr Opa told us as we were leaving. 

We thank God that CRMF can continue to provide the service of organizing medevacs to the remote areas of Papua New Guinea. Please pray that four-year-old Urile will soon recover and be reunited with his family in Marawaka.