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MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF), Blessed to be a Blessing

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Outreach, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

“It is a wonderful feeling when someone blesses you and that you in turn can be a channel to bless others.”

This week, Paul Wyld, owner of Procureit Australia in Brisbane, donated five wheel chairs to CRMF. Two of this wheel chairs where donated to the Women’s Ward at the Goroka General Hospital while the other wheel chair was a huge blessing to Rose Bobola, an elderly woman who’s disabled. When receiving the wheel chair Rose Bobola stated ~
“I’ve always desired to attend church but because of the disability of not being able to walk, I’ve struggled to get there, but now that I’m blessed with the wheel chair I can attend church and move about.”
The two remaining chairs were given to the newly built EBC Kassam District Hospital. Present to receive these were the Agency Health Secretary for EBC, Japalis Kaiok with Information Officer, wife Matilda Kaiok and Program Officer Willie Niniko. The donation of wheel chairs were presented to them by CRMF General Manager, Micheal Wakefield and CRMF Deputy General Manager, Bryan Matthew.
We will use the two wheel chairs for their purposes and will continue to embrace the already built partnership we have with CRMF.
Japalis Kaiok

Agency Health Secretary, EBC Health Services

The wheel chairs are a huge blessing and the smile on everyone’s faces says it all.

CRMF does not take for granted receiving these donations, and appreciates Procureit Australia and all other business houses and partners who have helped in this way in the past.   When we give our time, effort and support we are being a blessing, and when we become a blessing we impact. We thank God our Father again that with the blessing that continue to flow through to CRMF, we get to impact and be a blessing to our community.

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