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MAF up-skills employees Leadership qualities.

by | Aug 16, 2023 | What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

MAF Technologies employees and partners upskill at workshop with visiting speaker.

Figure 1 MAF TECH employees and EBC partners during the training facilitated by Dr. Varghese Phillip.

Department heads from MAF Technologies had the opportunity to attend a one-day leadership workshop, a training facilitated by Mission Aviation Fellowship International’s Dr Varghese Philip during his visit to Papua New Guinea.

Dr Philip (also known as VP) said he was confident that the session will help the participants to grasp the qualities of a true leader in their roles as department managers.

“The primary content of the training is to examine leadership in the Bible because God is the source of everything, it is important to derive all lessons from a biblical viewpoint to fully comprehend the true meaning of becoming a competent leader,” said Dr Philip, who is Strategic Development Manager at MAF.

  MAFI Leadership facilitator, Dr Varghese Phillip

One of the themes highlighted in the training was the relationship between spirituality and work, a basis on how to integrate work with spirituality to be biblically centered when making moral decisions as a leader.

This program taught me that spiritual growth occurs not only at church but also at work and that we may build our spiritual lives by helping and shaping each other to be better employees so that God might use us to aid those in need.

– MAF Technologies Safety officer, John Ipi.

MAF Technologies also invited three pastors from its close partner church, Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC), to be part of this crucial training.

Kipo Oreke, Deputy Senior Pastor for Evangelical Brotherhood Church in Goroka town, one of the participants, revealed that the training has helped him as a man of God on how to comprehend different situations that arise in his work and most importantly assist the congregation that he serves.

 “This training has really showed me how to deal with situations and to assist as best I can in the work that I do through God’s love. In my opinion, more people in leadership positions need such training to guide them in making ethical decisions for those they represent,” Pastor Kipo said.

Dr Philip is determined that the training will enable participants to fundamentally understand different perspectives and responsibilities in their roles with an intention to see others prosper.

The medical surgeon visited PNG to assist the Papua New Guinea Rural Health Societies (RHS) in structuring their strategy development plans prior to hosting the leadership workshop at MAF PNG’s aviation base in Mount Hagen and for MAF Technologies in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

MAF Tech employees participating in a discussion during the leadership training.