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Lasting Connection

by | May 3, 2016

Praise God for giving us an opportunity to equip pastors for the restoration of AROB.

Someone described technology in these profound words; “Technology exists to shorten the distance between two points”. It is of course a broad statement and so putting it in a context will draw out its full profoundness. Our context is in the area of restoration. And you are asking what in the world is Tek Ministri got to do with the restoration process?

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB) continues to be addressed by international organizations on the topic of restoration in the region. However the results are not evident with the obvious reason that spiritual issues need to be addressed first to impact the physical transformation and restoration.

The government of Papua New Guinea also has its ideas of restoration for the region and the churches in AROB too also have their ideas of restoration. As a visitor with MAF Technologies'(formerly CRMF) vision to reach out to the remote parts of Papua New Guinea, I noticed that AROB as a region is a remote location in terms of technology for the Church. What this means is that for sixty years a training such as basic computing has never been offered to pastors and ministry leaders in AROB.

Pastors and Ministry Leaders from 20 different churches in AROB and Solomon Islands.

Pastor Albert Magoi said the current Basic Computer Training (BCT) in AROB is first of kind and it is by God’s direction and grace that it is happening this week. As the founder and principal of United Bougainville Training Center (UBTC) for training and rehabilitation of youths, he said that this training is God’s timing and supernatural things will happen. His focus is to restore traumatised youths affected by the Bougainville crisis through teaching and training of various skills so that these youths can become useful members of their communities. Prior to the computer course Pastor Albert was in Panguna offering another of these training. So in this breath he sees computer training as a vital skill for all the pastors and ministry leaders in the region.

In October 2011 a “New Covenant” contract was declared by the President of AROB, Dr. John Momis. This was witnessed and signed by prominent Church leaders to activate a “vehicle” for churches and government to work together for peace and restoration in the region.

Pastor Albert Magoi signed as the witness for “Bougainville God’s Kingdom Network” (BGKN). The vision for BGKN is to mobilize the churches together so that God’s unity becomes a reality in each of the denominations with the common goal to establish God’s kingdom and its purposes rather than denominations in a Christian’s life.

 The house in the background is where cult leaders would meet to decide which family would sacrifice their child.

We now see that each vision is given by God to each organization in a different location for different purposes; he then connects the different organizations and individuals in his own timing for His purposes to realized that, in short, that is how the Tek Ministri team ended up in AROB.

On Sunday 24th April, Lina and I will join the 40 participants from different denominations to attend worship service at a place that was once known for its cult practices involving infant sacrifices. Just like Elijah and the prophets of Baal, the Lord used Pastor Albert to challenge the cult leaders, who succumbed to God’s power and gave him the land to build the church.

The Hahalis church in Buka is built at the area where the headquarters of the cult practise is.

I have shared this entire background story to paint a picture of how God is using technology to bring restoration to a person leaving in a traumatized region. I praise God for all the connections that led the MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) team to link with Pastor Albert via the Basic computing course.

As a former warlord during the crisis and now a born again christian he has pledged to restore AROB with God’s kingdom message on behalf of his 25,000 brothers who fell in battle for their island.

As an organization with the vision to offer technological help to churches we thank God for the opportunity to have direct connection with the spiritual voice under the banner of “God’s Kingdom Network.”

We as a team discovered it this week that the Lord in His goodness has allowed us (MAF Technologies’ Tek Ministri) to do a little bit so that he can use us to bring peace to the traumatized soul in AROB – only God can give peace to a troubled soul in whatever medium he selects; it may not be just technology?

With Solomon Island Pastors during a boat trip during the week end.

Just as a beautiful pier connects the owner to his boat, the power of the Word of God can connect a soul to its Master.

Thank you again for praying, you all are special connections as we shorten the distance from the mind to the heart especially a heart that has been affected by the civil war.

May God be glorified!