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Informing Our Youths About the Dangers of Technology

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Technology Talk, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

We thank the Lord for opportunities to speak to the youths regarding the current digital trends which form the culture of today’s young generation.

What could be our culture in terms of how technology has an impact in our communities? The definition I like from Merriam Webster’s dictionary is the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education.

I grew up in a world of black boards and chalks for learning and envelopes and stamps for communication and the best part of my old world was the non-existence of movies and social media which allowed me to have more time with reading books and concentrating on studies. I feel for the young generation who face the challenges in a world full of technologies where most of everything is at their fingertips.
We cannot change this technological trend that is changing very fast but we have all the opportunity the Lord has given us to prepare our younger generation for their world.

As someone said, “Technology is the Roman road to spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. The global village we now live in has placed vast amount of resources at our disposal to make Him know to those who have not heard of Him.

Today’s young generation is 40 % of our total population of about 8,947,024. The other 60% is divided into the following categories; 4% cover those who are 65 years and over, only 6% are between the age of 55 – 64 years. Basically, the percentage of our young generation including infants to 14-year olds is about 33%. Those who are 15 years to 24 years old is 20%, basically the youth are the backbone of our society in this technical age.
In comparison to the older generation’s percentage of about 10% to the current youth bulk of our country, the figures tell us beyond doubt that we need to spend more time educating the 40 % who will be leaders in the family units who will then impact the Church, our community and our nation.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make in terms of preparing the younger generation for the future is to spend less time to educate them about the changes brought about through technology. What this really means is for the parents, guardians and pastors to educate those under their care to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ. The technological implication of this is that the Church must now have strategic ministry plans for its members which involves theological teachings delivered through technologies that are available.

Girls from Makiroka EBC Church listening to the presentation.
Our audience this time were the youths of Makiroka EBC Church who invited us to speak at their closing program. We encouraged them to be good examples during their vacation break from the words of Apostle Paul who charged Timothy to be a good example in 1 Timothy 4:12. We emphasised that their speech via Facebook and other social media must be honouring to the Lord, their conduct as youth members of Makiroka Church, their love, faithfulness and purity for the Lord Jesus may be their lifestyle.
It was a good week end outing for some of our CRMF families living in the vicinity of the church area to join the outreach team. We look forward to the more of these opportunities to continue to assist the churches to educate their younger members of the current trends that could affect their future life and more importantly the everlasting life that Jesus offers for those who would follow him.

We praise the Lord for the CRMF staff members who are willing to spend their Friday evening to encourage the youth.

John Ipi encouraging the Youths at Makiroka EBC Church.

Rita Inava and Judith Ruruk with the youth  girls at Makiroka EBC Church.