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Our Stories

Recently, we’ve had several calls from remote health clinics seeking advice and immediate evacuation for several patients.

Boy falls down a 20m coconut tree
Fuma, Western Province

A Community Health Worker (CHW) in Fuma, Western Province called in to report two patients in critical condition and in need of immediate treatment.
The patients included a young boy who had fallen from a coconut tree 20 meters high injuring his left leg, and a woman who had difficulties eating and drinking because she had constant stomach aches and abdominal pain. The Community Health Worker reported that they did not have enough medicine to treat both patients so they called in from Fuma reporting the issue.
The Community Health Worker in Fuma, asked CRMF to contact Dr Kavin in Rumginae Hospital for his advice on dealing with and treating both patients. CRMF immediately contacted the doctor in Rumginae and he advised them to transfer the two patients to Rumginae Hospital where he could attend to them.
The message was then relayed to MAF Hagen and within a few minutes time MAF Hagen organised a Medevac for both patients.

Pregnant mother faints during labour
Ibile, Jiwaka Province

We also received a call from a MAF agent at Ibile, who reported that a mother in Ibile was in labour and had become nauseous and fainted during the process of trying to give birth. The agents at Ibile MAF asked CRMF to relay the message to MAF Wewak. The call was immediately transferred to MAF Wewak and they were quick to respond to Ibile MAF. Within a few hours, MAF flew out from Ibile to Wewak, Sundaun Province and evacuated the mother in labour to receive help, care and treatment at Lumi Hospital, Wewak.

Boy, 2 – 3 years old gets severe burns
Kol, Jiwaka Province

The call from Ibile was followed by another call from Kol in Jiwaka Province, reporting a little boy (between the ages of 2-3 years old) with severe burns from boiling hot water that was in need of immediate transport to Kudjip Hospital in Mt. Hagen. CRMF radio operator, Justina made a quick call to MAF Hagen to relay the message. MAF pilot, Luke Newell carried out the medevac from Kol, Jiwaka Province to Mt Hagen where the boy was treated at Kundjip Hospital.

We are thankful to Papa God that CRMF can continue to provide that service of communication for the communities in rural areas.