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EBC Website – New Changes!

by | Aug 31, 2019 | Website Services, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

From left: John Alt with Fancis Gimifeh, Desmond Sam and Peter Koli, pictured after the Launch of the new and upgraded EBC website.

EBC administration team and families along with CRMF board members and staff come together to witness the launching of the new EBC Website.

After the launch of the Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) Health website ( last year (2018), the EBC Administration team decided that they needed an upgrade on their website ( The EBC Administration team wanted to manage their own website as they could not do so with the old website. Our CRMF web service is positioned to provide the very service they needed at an affordable price. The goal was to upgrade the old website and to include more features and more updated information about their Ministry as this would provide them the opportunity to reach and connect to more people, distribute their resources and let their online audience know about their Christian Ministry and Mission work in Papua New Guinea.

We Are Social and Hootsuite’s latest collection of Global Digital 2019 reports reveals that 11% of the total population (8.5 million) in PNG are internet users. About 9.2% of the total population are active social media users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Technology has been growing and developing at a rapid rate and people in PNG have access to these technological developments.

We Are Social and Hootsuite: (

You can now find that the smart phone and mobile trend have made it possible for people to access the internet. Gradually, more and more people are already using the internet and relying on the internet to look for information or to create their own social media presence and currently most churches and mission organizations in PNG do not have a social media platform or website therefore do not have a web presence.

“If you do not have a website, you do not exist.” ~ Bryan Matthews, CRMF General Manager.

Earlier this year on the 17th to the 18th of April, the EBC Administration team had a meeting with CRMF’s website developer – Desmond Sam, to discuss the possibilities of the upgrade and re-design of their website.

Desmond did a demo presentation of the EBC website to the EBC administration team and staff at EBC Orobiga.

Some churches do have websites, many of which are old or out-dated with not much updated content. It is important for churches and mission organizations to have a web presence (with updated contents), so that they can also reach out and connect with all the internet users in PNG.

Aware of this EBC representative, John Alt said, “We are living in a world were technology changes every time and most of our audience are now found online, so we need to make ourselves available online.”

The Process: Before the development of the new website, the EBC team and CRMF website developer first analysed and planned out their website objectives, scope, target audience, etc. Once that was done, CRMF website developer, sent the EBC team a proposal, proposed website schedules and CRMF’s terms and conditions for the website development, and upon agreement on the 23rd of April, Desmond worked closely with EBC representatives Peter Koli, Roland Moser and John Alt to implement the design and layout of the new EBC website.

The first process: Website developer, Desmond Sam meets up with the EBC administration team.

After the planning, analysis and implementation of the new and updated website design, Desmond then commenced with the development of the website on a staging site which allowed the team to work with a trial-and- error/test outline of the new website to change or include any new features that they planned to include on the new and official site.

EBC administration team working closely with Desmond to complete the new EBC website.

Challenges: There were a few challenges with minor delays and setbacks, but despite the delays the team worked together and communicated well to successfully complete the new EBC website on time.

Final Outcome: The new EBC website layout has a professional and modern look to it and is quite similar to the EBC Health website because the EBC Administration team wanted their websites to have the same layout and structure to look somewhat similar to each other.

After several meetings and feedbacks, the team managed to include more information about EBC and new features that include EBC’s downloadable resources like the e-books and magazines for their online audience for easy access and download.

After the tireless meetings and work put in by both CRMF and EBC, the new and official website for EBC was launched and open for use on the 13th of August this year, 2019.

Through a dedication prayer for the new EBC website, MAF Asia Pacific regional director and CRMF board member, Stephen Charlesworth said, “The website can provide Christian resources to the people and God can use this platform to reveal Jesus to the people of Papua New Guinea.”

The launching of the new and upgraded EBC website.

This is the second web design service that CRMF has offered and played an active role in with the EBC Administration team. Both the CRMF website development team and the EBC Administration team are glad to say that we have included all the required features and information needed on the website to reach a broader audience. John Alt said, “With the new launching of our website we can say that we are now on track with having an online presence.” He then added saying, “We thank the Lord that you are able to support us and we can support you in extending the kingdom of God using the New Website…”

From left: Peter Koli with Desmond Sam and John Alt.

We thank God for placing CRMF in the best position with the tools, people, skills and dedication to continue to provide affordable and effective Technology services to the Churches for the people of Papua New Guinea. We do this ultimately for His sake because we want God to reach everyone in PNG wherever they are, whoever they are and in every means and ways possible.