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Connected Online

by | Dec 15, 2020 | New!, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

CRMF IT Technician, Thompson and Ismael setting up the antenna for the WIFI network at Kompiam Hospital.

Our IT team successfully carried out two of three WIFI Installations at Kompiam. The first WIFI installation was done for the Kompiam Hospital. This installation has made it convenient for the staff and doctors at Kompiam Hospital to easily access the internet when communicating via email, doing printing and other necessary work or research online. In addition to the installation, our team also included a WIFI Ticketing System for visitors and Guests to use the WIFI when visiting the Kompiam Hospital.

The second WIFI  installation was for the Kompiam International School. The students there have also found their newly installed WIFI network useful especially after the CRMF IT team had also installed 14 new PC computers at their school library. The students are now able to do research and study online. The third and final installation is for the Rural Hospital which is currently under construction. When the building is completed, the phase 3 of the network will be installed.

A student from the Kompiam International School assisting Thompson and Ismael to set up the new computers in the school library.

Ismael working on the network cables.

These recent installations done at Kompiam would be our largest WIFI installation to date. All three facilities located in the remote of Kompiam can now be connected online through their newly installed WIFI network which can cater for all their online needs. We thank the Lord that CRMF can provide such service.