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Computer Skills for Bible School

by | May 2, 2016

A Bible College student curiously looking at a laptop.

Since the Basic Computing training started most of our clients have been pastors and office personnel for the various churches. The recent one was offered for the students and staff of Four Square Life Bible College. The principal Pastor Joro said it is important for bible school students to learn basic computing skills because a modern pastor needs those skills. He was very strict to the extent that if a student missed one session he or she would be excluded from the training.

The presentations were delivered differently to the normal Tek Ministri’s delivery to coincide with the normal school lessons. As usual most of the students have never touched a computer before and so it was start from scratch for most. However, even though it was their first time, most of the participants worked hard to do the activities required to acquire the basic skills of computing.

The Life Bible College has a couple of financial sponsors who give toward the general expense of running the college. One such supporter decided to take the course too to sharpen up some of the basic skills. She also was able to help others close to her. The principal expressed that these “Basic Computing Course” will become part of the college curriculum so that all students will graduate with computing skills on top of their regular bible related courses.

Wendy (sponsor) also took part in the course.

In support of making basic computing skills as part of Life Bible College curriculum, MAF Technologies’ Tek Ministri has decided to make it happen by training one of their staff members. The Country leader for Tek Ministri PNG, Bryan Matthew stated that it is a great opportunity to train ourselves out of the job, so that in the long term the college has a person to teach basic computing skills.

Michael presenting a certificate to a female participant.

Michael Wakefield, General Manager for MAF Technologies (Formerly CRMF) who presented the certificates to the course participants confirmed the move to train a Bible College staff on a three year term. No papers have been signed at this stage but the understanding is that Life Bible College will assign a staff member to be trained and mentored by Tek Ministri in some of the BCTs occurring in the province – Eastern Highlands.

As a team we are excited that the Lord has given us this opportunity to impart necessary skills like basic computing to bible school students who will graduate as pastors. It is also a great opportunity to have a connection to a Bible college in the province and closer to MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) for training and mentoring. We are excited because we can be able to train others who will in turn train others. Thank you again for your support and prayers for the team to continue to offer this most needed training.

Ruth is also participate in the course, she could be the person to be trained to teach the BCT course to Life Bible College.