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Centrality of Basic Computing Skills

by | May 23, 2016

Participants sharing a laptop during the training.

In his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul clarifies the issue of God’s decision to propagate salvation to all man-kind by choosing the way of the cursed cross.

He emphasized the redeeming saving power of God in a cross which men considered a symbol of scorn and shame (1 Corinthians 1:18 – 2:5) My interest is in the context that Paul is simply saying that men’s knowledge can no way be compared with God’s wisdom.

In light of the on-going Basic Computing Courses (BCT) while monitoring the requests coming in, we are discovering that the Lord is shifting the position of computing skills which have been in the officers and the corridors of intellectuals is now be delivered in the palm floors and the thatched roofs of veteran pastors in the remote communities.

It is no longer a skill only for high rise buildings because the pastors are already using it inside uncompleted church buildings or even makeshift shelters to preach the gospel.

MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) could still be delivering this most needed training for pastors throughout the country for the next five years.

As MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) exist to:

“Bring help, hope & healing through Aviation & Technology.”

I wish to share participants view on Basic Computing Course (BCT).

We have eventually discovered in the process of delivering that it was God’s own pleasure to reveal the need to prepare pastors for advancing the gospel through technology.

From a facilitation perspective, our goal is to equip the pastors to become competent to minister to today’s Church goers.

Brian Ward helping a pastor during the Training.

Bryan speaking at the graduation with Division Seven Overseer Ps. Martin in the background.

From the recipient perspective, considering the fact that most have not touched a computer before, the basic computing course is a setting which fast track educational barriers and simplify technological gizmos and knowledge to learn a new important skill for ministry.

To me the exciting part is when we tell them on the first day of the course that computer skills is not important, that it is only a tool to assist you to do what you are really good at;

preaching the Good News of our Lord Jesus!

This knowledge is sufficient for them to persevere to the end because they already know what they have and so they look forward to what they need during the training.

The following are some statements made by various participants who enjoyed the basic computing skills training which was perceived as restricted knowledge for the academics.

Thanking the participants for their patience and perseverance.

Taking notes and using their own notes to find their way through the computer is a normal thing in our workshops.

“Mipela ting olsem dispel kain save em blong ol universiti lain tasol”.

We always thought that this knowledge (of computer skills) was only for academics and professionals – Pastor Joe, Four Square Gospel Church Bogia, Madang Province.

“Mi luksave olsem komputa kos em i no hait samting, em i isi sapos yu save long kontrolim mouse na putim ero long raitpela hap. Nau mi kisim dispela save pinis, mi tok tenk yu long Bikpela olsem, mi wankain wantaim ol save man”.

“With the basic skills I learned in this course, I praise God that he has allowed me to become computer literate.” ~ Dickson, Nazarene Church, Arawa, AROB ~

“Mi tok tenk yu long Bikpela long Pastor Martin husait i gat driman na i gat save long ol lain olsem MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF); long kisim mipela bus pasta long niupela mak long laip na ministri. Mipela yet i save olsem mipela i no inap long kisim dispela kain save tasol mipela bilip long Holi Spirit tasol long halivim mipela.”

I thank God for such a leader like Pastor Martin who has a vision to equip simple pastors like us and the relationship and network with MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) to bring this technical training (BCT) to remote Pastors like us. ~ Pastor Mos Magine ~

In conclusion, we as a team praise God that these basic computing skills will stop pastors from queuing up for typing and printing at private and public officers in town.

Thank you again for your prayers and support to give power to the pastors and ministry leaders,

Division Seven Four Square Gospel Church Pastors (Daulo).

helping them experience the freedom that such knowledge is for everyone, especially for them as pastors who can use these skills as premise for what they have learned in BCTs, as we celebrate in the greater premise of changed lives.

Pamela Matthew and Christie Ward came to witness the graduation.

This was a great opportunity to for the Tek Ministri’s Trainers to bring the wives to witness for themselves the great work the Lord is doing in the lives of remote pastors.

The participants also had the opportunity to the meet the women who support their husbands in this exciting ministry.

Grace Monave who works as an accounts clerk with MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) was one of two staff members who went to witness the graduation.

She represented all the other MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) staff who stand with Tek Ministri’s (LTPNG) and MAF Technologies’ (formerly CRMF) vision to offer technical help to the Churches in PNG.

Lina and Grace enjoying the graduation lunch.