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Body Building for Ministry

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Basic Computer Training, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

The bottom line of all the basic computer courses that MAF’s Technical Services PNG has been delivering for the last eight years is in line with Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church. In verse 12 of chapter 4, Apostle Paul is helping his readers to better understand the higher standards of God’s church; he himself gave gifts for the Church (4:11). The purpose is Jesus’ dominance over the universe (1:10) and to not forget that we have been saved by grace alone (2:8-10).

Basic Computer training with other past BCT participants in 2018.

CRMF’s Tek Ministri team has been using this special Scripture reference at all the training, and every time they do that they feel the Lord’s blessing and direction. Caine expressed it this way; “In the early years of delivering basic computer course to churches, we used Ephesians 4:11-16 as one of the Scripture reference to start a course. Now it is the Scripture to start the training because it sets the pace for us as facilitators and a good self-check for the participants”.
The Scripture alone sets the atmosphere for the start and the finish of the training and that is why even though the participants may not fully understand the many computer skills needed for ministry, the one thing that everyone is clear about is the purpose of this course; to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus.

Recent BCT training was with Christian Brethren Church (CBC) at Anguganak in the West Sepik Province.

Laif FM station

The recent training was with Christian Brethren Church (CBC) one of our newest customer. This training which took place in Anguganak, West Sepik Province was also a new venue for the team to deliver the training. The highlight for this training was the kind of participants who took the course; the 32 men and women were teachers and nurses who serve with CBC. The team has been concentrating on Pastors and ministry leaders with various churches but now the teachers and nurses have appeared on our ministry radar!

Desmond fixed a computer that monitors the X-ray machine at Anguganak Sub-health center.

The Lord in his goodness and faithfulness pointed out his wider “body of Christ” to us as during this training. Our participants have just formed a “Teachers and Nurses Christian Fellowship” with a goal to serve the Church with their gifts and talents in teaching and nursing.

The team also had a “big picture” experience when an opportunity came up to fix a computer that monitors the X-ray machine at Anguganak Sub-health centre. Desmond fixed that problem and brought a smile to the health workers there by confirming our key Scripture for training. “To equip the saints for the work of ministry, that is, to build up the body of Christ” As a team involved in equipping the saints for the work of ministry we thank the Lord for our own training in order to be entrusted to assist those who need help. We praise God that Desmond was able to fix a computer and I was able to share my experience with Laif FM workers in Wewak.

On our return we had the opportunity to meet the Laif FM station staff and assisted with antivirus updates for their computers and trained the new staff with story board tips. This was another opportunity to meet another mission organisation bent on spreading the Good News via the air waves by trusting the Lord for the radio station and for their daily sustenance. Pray for the Lord to give us wisdom and insight to partner with Laif FM to equip them for the work of building up the body of Christ.

Thank you for the support and prayers by everyone because this particular trip was a learning and discovery time for Tek Ministri and MAF Technical Services PNG that those who come into CRMF must be willing to be equipped by the Lord in all areas of ministry.

As a unique mission organisation that exist to provide technology solution and service to the churches and our communities, we thank the Lord for the kind of workers he brings to us; especially those who can teach, fix, report, install, preach and do so much more so that we can work together to see that the body of Christ is built up in every way everywhere and particularly for those in the remote parts of PNG.