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Bihute Prison’s first PA System

by | Aug 4, 2020 | What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

CRMF’s Electronic Technician Simeon Tom did a PA system installation at Bihute Prison that is located outside of Goroka town. The Prison station had been without a proper sound system for more then 20 years and this was their first PA System installed.

A long-term Officer told Simeon that in the past they would have to shout across the fence, to make an announcement or pass an information from one prisoner to another prisoner just to get an instruction across, and on top of that, it was much more challenging to alert other Wardens and Officers when there was a prison break. But now with the PA system in place the Wardens can easily make announcements and even alert other officers of any prison activities.

Junias who is also an Officer at the Bihute Prison visited CRMF during the week to thank Simeon and CRMF for the PA System installation. He added that the PA System is very effective and suitable for their setting and has made communication convenient for both the Officers and the prisoners.