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We have seen and heard from many leaders, pastors, and friends how pornography has become a big challenge in Papua New Guinea. Sadly, pornography materials are now easily accessible in shops, on movies, and especially online. In 2016, Papua New Guinea (PNG) ranked number 1 in the world for typing the word ‘porn’ and ‘pornography’ on Google’s Search Engine.

Even though pornography is a fast growing problem in PNG, many individuals in churches, schools, and homes ignore it. Pastors would explain to us that they had no idea that pornography was wrong and had dangerous, long term effects on individuals and their relationship with others, their families, and with the Lord.

In recent times, CRMF’s LT department has taken on the challenge to address this issue through its presentation dubbed the “Tech Talk,” within the wider context of the potential harm of technology and its advancements.

The Tech Talk has become one of our most requested presentations in our local churches in PNG. That’s because this presentation covers many growing problems of negative side effects of technology including access to and use of pornography online. The presentation is also cemented on the word of God, making it more effective by reminding people of whom they are and that the devil comes to steal, to kill, and destroy their lives in subtle ways, using pornography to kill ministries and relationships. For many, the information presented in Tech Talk is eye opening. For others, it is convicting.

Unlike other Tech Talks done in the past, the two recent sessions held in Kamaliki Foursquare Church were quite different. Mr. Cain Ruruk, LT facilitator at CRMF, explained to youths, pastors, and parents that were present, why pornography was wrong and dangerous, and how this could have a long term effect on them. During the last night of the Tech Talk presentation, some attendants took time to download resources from our WIFIBible, giving our team the special opportunity to interact with and interview the youths, pastors, and parents who had attended the talks.

At the end of the two nights spent presenting the Tech Talk in Kamaliki Foursquare Church, we managed to get some great feedback on what they thought about the presentation.

During the feedback, attendees were asked if they had seen or heard awareness like the Tech Talk before, as it touched on the negative side of technology and the effects of pornography. The audience commented that the presentation was their first awareness on pornography and the negatives of online medium/internet.


“This is the first time to witness awareness on pornography. After the two night presentation  I’m excited, and I feel ready to pass this information to my friends. Thankyou CRMF for doing what you do.” Karl Merrt, a youth girl at Kamaliki Foursquare Church.

The presentation has encouraged the youths to be advocates against pornography on social media and in their social life with their friends and siblings. Many expressed that they have seen the effects of pornography on their friends, children, and relationships, but they did not know how to address or correct them.

“Pornography is like a wild fire killing young people. Pornography is dangerous and destroys lives.” – Keisha Kipsy, a youth at Kamaliki Foursquare Church and son of Pastor Kipsy.

The presentation has also made parents realize the importance of sitting down with their children and discussing this matter at home and being more aware of how their children are using their phones and laptops.

“As a parent and grandparent, it’s hard to address the issue of pornography at home, but I’m glad my children and grandchildren were here with me during the first presentation, because after the Tech Talk, we went home set as a family and discussed this issue. I’m grateful that CRMF is doing this presentation. Thank you so much!” Mr. Wai Yane, an elder that attends Kamaliki Foursquare Church.

For pastors and youth leaders, this presentation made them more aware of the issues and problem arising in their community related to the use of and addiction to pornography, prompting them to offer counselling and help to those struggling with pornography.

“The two night presentations has made me aware and realize the inside life of youths. And as a Parent and Pastor of the church, I’m thankful that CRMF team has taken their time to do this, because The Tech Talk presentation has made me realize that I have a huge responsibility to address the problems and issue of pornography in my community and church.” – Pastor Kipsy, Pastor at Kamaliki Foursquare Church.

Because pornographic materials are easily accessible in shops, movies and online, this makes people think it’s okay for them to use pornography, and that it won’t leave any damaging effect on their lives. Thanks to the Tech Talk, this community and many other communities are aware of the use and damaging effects of pornography.

“What CRMF is doing has tapped into the very thing that destroys our young people. So thank you CRMF, thank you very much. As a youth pastor at this church I am ready to do this awareness to youths and I am also ready to offer counselling for youths who are addicted to pornography and need help and guidance out of it.” Pastor Jubilee, Youth Pastor at Kamaliki Foursquare Church.

It’s a blessing to know that CRMF can be the beacon of hope to shine a light on the issues of pornography in our communities.