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Opportunities for Grade Ten(10) Dropouts

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Outreach, Technology For Ministry, Technology Talk, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

The “new normal” had me in the office for the last six months; six months is a long, long time to be inactive in ministry because PNG Technical Services via Tek Ministri delivers training and offers opportunities for ministry on an average of two per month.

In other words, we have missed out 12 opportunities to do what we do and more alarming is the noted decrease of ministry traction for delivery in the new year. Since we deal with Churches and mission organisations who have yearly budget and plans, the Covid 19 virus has greatly blurred the 2021 ministry focus.

An opportunity opened up last week for me to escape the office to do awareness to 150 youths in the Dei Council Area of Western Highlands Province. PNG Technical Services was one of many organisations invited by the pastors and youth leaders of Lutheran Church Kotna Circuit. A good number of the youth members who attended were grade 10 school leavers who did not have the opportunity to continue on for further education or jobs.


The aim of the Lutheran Church and Youth leadership in the area was to invite Church and mission organisations like Operation Mobilisation (OM) Youth with a Mission (YWAM) to share goals and vision of what each organisation do to help the youths get the bigger picture of the opportunities available. The leaders wanted their youths to be encouraged that the grade 10 certificate was not the end but a start of opportunities.

This was a great opportunity for me to talk about CRMF Tech Service and the advantages and disadvantages of technology, with the main part of the presentation covering pornography and its addictive effect on the mind, heart and the community of the addicted person that uses technology for the wrong purposes (pornography)

I discovered during the question session that most of them were not aware of the dangers involved in the wrong use of technology. I am glad that I had the opportunity to warn them about the effects that their generation are struggling with in the urban centres of Papua New Guinea.

I also had the privilege to meet the YWAM team that attended this meeting. They have the similar ministry in distributing the gospel in audio format via audio units.  They too had talk to the youths about YWAM ministry and the opportunities for training and mission service.

With the YWAM team as we wait to be escorted to the meeting place

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be available to speak to the youths about the current challenges in technology and share the vision and the mission of PNG Technical Services. My prayer is that we would trust the Lord to take care of all the budget and health issues related to Covid 19 and to continue to deliver the needed technical assistance that the Church and ministry organisations need.

Caine crossing the river to get to the meeting place. 
Procession into the meeting place.