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A Pastor’s Journey For Bibles

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Biblebox, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

Tok Pisin Bible.

CRMF Tek Min Manager, Caine Ruruk with Pastor John Bomai and his purchase of Bibles stacked in the background.

This month we received new arrivals of Tok Pisin Bibles at CRMF. Pastor John Bomai was the first to order and purchase a total of 710 Tok Pisin Bibles. He is the pastor of a Baptist Church at a remote village located in Jimmi district, Jiwaka Province. During his first trip to CRMF he purchased 430 Bibles and following his second trip, he purchased another 280 Bibles. This was the largest single order and purchase of Tok Pisin Bibles from CRMF, to date.

Pastor John explained that when MAF fly in to deliver and sell Bibles from the Bible Box the whole community living nearby the airstrip are the first to purchase Bibles from there, but others like Pastor John who reside further away from the airstrip miss out because by the time they get to the airstrip, the Bibles are already sold out. This also means that Churches located far from the airstrip also struggle to get their hands on a Bible.

Photo by PNG MAF Pilot, Corne Noordhoe. An example of MAF doing Bible Box distribution of Bibles at Nungwaia.

He added that all the different denomination churches and individuals in his community decided to contributed their money to purchase the Bibles and also provide travel fare for Pastor John who volunteered to travel the long distance to buy their Bibles.

The travel from Jimmi (Jiwaka Province) to Goroka (Eastern Highlands Province) to collect the Bibles was another challenge altogether, considering the remoteness and rugged terrains and the lack of road access. The only way to travel to Goroka from Jimmi  is by plane, but the airfare is costly so John had to walk a long 4 – 5 hours distance through rugged terrain and bush track to a nearby road where he then took a 30 minutes bus ride to Kudjip (Western Highlands Province) where he spent the night. The next day John took a 2 – 3 hours’ bus ride to Goroka where he collected his order of Bibles from CRMF and took the same route back to Jimmi District.

The front cover of a Tok Pisin Bible.

Pastor John considers the time and effort it took to travel the long distance from Jimmi to Goroka, “worth it” because of the joy that he gets to witness as individuals from each of the Churches in his community receives the Bibles, they had hoped to receive ages ago.
Pastors who serve in the remote communities of Papua New Guinea play a significant role to ensure that the Word of God continues to reach every individual person living in very remote communities. Despite the isolation, distance and the difficult setting, Pastor John and many other pastors like him continue to serve for the sake of the word of God. We commend them for their commitment and sacrifice.

We are blessed that CRMF can meet the needs of churches and pastors in remote communities to provide them with Bibles, especially Tok Pisin Bibles. We pray that they may be filled and satisfied with the Word of God as they continue to spend time reading and sharing the words from the Bible.

Matthew 5:6

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”