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Our Stories

Timon holding out the new 16GB Micro SD card and 5 Audio Bibles that were donated to him by CRMF to distribute to remote communities.

PNG MAF Pilot, Timon from Hagen stopped by CRMF to purchase and collect items to include in the Bible Box distribution. Included in the MAF purchase was the Audio Bibles and the new 16GB micro SD card. The micro SD card is loaded with lots of fun, entertaining and educational Christian digital resources from; The Jesus Films, Evangelism apps, Devotional Apps, Tok Pisin and English Audio Bibles Apps, Christian videos, music and other educational and creative apps for both phones and computers.

There are no proper phones or network available in a remote setting to download Christian digital applications. But now with the already loaded micro SD card, this enables a person living in rural PNG to have easy access to and share the variety of Christian digital resources provided in the micro SD card.

What makes this micro SD card special is the fact that it is convenient for the button phones (One-bang phones) or feature phones that are commonly used in the remote communities of Papua New Guinea because it is cheap enough to purchase. All the resources on the micro SD card is also accessible on smartphones, tablets and Computers.

It has been a long wait, but we are glad that the Micro SD cards could finally be included in the Bible Box distribution. We pray that every one of the Christian resources and materials provided in the Bible Box will be a blessing to people living within the remote settings of PNG.  We are forever grateful to our PNG MAF pilots who do the Bible Box distribution. Without MAF these Christian resources wouldn’t be in the hands of people living in hard to reach places.

Please note: The micro SD cards are distributed only to remote communities within Papua New Guinea where digital resources are hard to access and download.

The front and back cover for the 16GB micro SD card holder. All the information provided on the SD card holder are written in “Tok Pisin”.