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Our Stories

Former volunteer of CRMF, Ramo Rouegg (of Swiss descent) and now a sponsor to the CRMF made prior arrangements with the CRMF, to pay for part of the Audio Bible collections in CRMF so that these particular Audio Bibles can be given as gifts and donations free-of-charge for the sake of furthering the gospel. This has helped so much in cases where people aren’t able to afford the standard price of the Audio Bible.

One such Audio Bible was donated to our Accounts Manager, Sussan Siwi, to share with a group of women she ran house fellowship with in Gepahina Kona, Buihtete, near Goroka. This then led to another opportunity to introduce the very same Audio Bible to friends and families in Kondiu Secondary Catholic School in the Chimbu Province, where she had gone during the weekend to visit her daughter.

The Board Chairman at Kondiu Rosary Catholic Secondary School, also a friend of Sussan was really amazed and impressed with the Audio Bible.

“When I introduced the Audio Bible to him he played it to its loudest volume and would not put it down. To witness this was funny and incredible especially knowing that he is Catholic and yet here he is happily carrying the Audio Bible around and playing it on loud speaker.” – CRMF Accounts Manager, Sussan Siwi.

Her friends and family from the house fellowship in Goroka to her relatives in Chimbu including teachers from the Kondiu Rosary Catholic Secondary School are now looking forward to buying their own Audio Bible at the CRMF, Goroka. Her visit to the Kondiu Catholic Secondary School has caused her to understand the greater need for the Audio Bible to reach not only the remote communities, but also to those who are educated and living in town.

“They don’t know what’s in the Audio Bible and everything they need to know is in the Audio Bible, the Word of God. After introducing the Audio Bible to them, they would come up to me and ask me, ‘Could you please play the Bible Boom Box?’” – CRMF Accounts Manager, Sussan Siwi.

The original intent of the CRMF with regard to the Audio Bible, was for people living in rural communities, most especially, the illiterate. The Audio Bible is an innovative way to bring the Word of God to those who cannot read or write. However, Sussan’s recent interaction with friends and family in the town areas of Goroka and Chimbu has made it clear that the Audio Bible is not only restricted to rural communities and the illiterate. For people with busy working schedules in the town areas, it is an effective way of listening to the Bible and to be immersed in the Word of God. For those who are literate, it is an additional Bible reference and tool that can be used by everyone and anyone who want to spend more time listening to the Word of God and learning more about God.