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It is recognized that churches around the world are very much present in the continent of technology but there still remains a great need for churches within Papua New Guinea to understand and catch up with the new and ever-changing world of technology. The need is very real and the challenge that churches have is to establish a presence that recognizes and responds to the distinctive culture of this new environment.

For many churches within Papua New Guinea, CRMF has been the only medium that has literally taken them by the hand to walk them through various trainings on the basics of technology through our ‘Tech for Min’ and ‘Basic Computer Training (BCT)’ workshops that run for one week and two weeks respectively at the venues appointed by the churches, usually at their respective church (or school) buildings.

The recent Basic Computer Training (BCT) workshop was again another success and we were blessed by the feedback and testimonies. This was our first ever BCT with the Life in the Spirit Ministry. The Ministry is a 20 minutes’ drive outside of Goroka in Lapilo, and like many other churches we’ve trained, they expressed their current challenges to seek and inquire for basic knowledge and skills on how to use a computer and technology in general.

The Chairman of the Life in the Spirit Minisry, Mr Jiki Somano, said that their church was at a disadvantage and the opportunity that CRMF provided at their front door with the basic computer training is one that they had only ever dreamt about and never thought possible. There are many reasons why Mr Jiki would think that. One of the reasons being, churches and ministries like Life in the Spirit aren’t in a position to fund trainings like the BCT because it would cost them thousands of kina (PNG Currency) which for a village church would be impossible for them to fund. Secondly, most churches and ministries like Life in the Spirit are either located outside of town or in remote communities and not many government organizations make it a must to recognize and meet their needs. These are a few of the many challenges that village churches like Life in the Spirit face. This, however, did not deter or discourage them. They still looked for means, ways and opportunities to help them advance and up-skill themselves to grow as pastors, as an individual and as a church and CRMF has provided them that opportunity.

BCT Trainer and IT Technician, Lina Tomagau.

This BCT Training consisted of Life in the Spirit Church Pastors, Treasurer and Youth leaders.

CRMF has witnessed countless times the large turn-out and successful results of the basic technology courses we’ve had the opportunity to run for the various churches leaders and their ministry teams. Better still, is the blessing of hearing the touching feedback and testimonies from its workshop participants about the life-changing impact these trainings has had on their lives individually, in terms of enrichment to their personal learning and growth; and collectively, as a church body to equip them with necessary skills to present the Word of God and build their respective ministries through new, exciting and modern ways to take their Christian Ministry programs to a whole new level. 

And we praise God that CRMF and its Tek Ministri Department can step in to help assist churches to understand to a certain degree the new culture of technology and its challenges as well as its key uses and significance in their Christian ministries.

CRMF Trainer and Tek Min facilitator, Caine Ruruk assisting Pastor Jiki Somano

Head Pastor of Life in the Spirit Church, Pastor Isaac Afoe with a few of the assisting pastors at the Life in the Spirit Ministry are currently doing there grade two at a local Primary School and Pastor Isaac Afoe expressed through an interview how CRMF trainers brought the training to a level where they all could understand and catch on quickly. Pastor Isaac Afoe and Pastor Hans Akon (another assisting pastor) said, their ministry won’t be the same because now that they have a basic knowledge in using a computer, they are excited and look forward to purchasing their first laptops for their churches to use.

As Pastor Hans Akon said during a video interview, “If CRMF’s vision was focused on making profit, I doubt they would have reached people like us who would struggle to fund this type of training… It would be impossible! But because CRMF’s vision is right, they are able to recognise people like us in the village and are willing to help us continue and advance in the Lords work … Really this training has taken us to the next level.”

Assistant Pastor Hans Akon with the Head Pastor for life in the Spirit Church, Pastor Isaac Afoe.

Many of us who have grown up in the era of Technology take for granted the basic understanding we have in using technology and at times we even misuse the tools we have for our own entertainment and gain. But, for people like Pastor Isaac, Mr. Jiki Somano, Pastor Hans Akon and the Life in the Spirit Ministry, they consider these basic skills a GOLDEN CHANCE to bring a new and exciting changes into their ministry. A chance to understand this new world of technology so that they can use it to make advancements in their church from organizing and writing up sermons, writing up reports, creating PowerPoint presentations and to keep records of their finances.

By the end of the 2-week training, our Tek Min team with CRMF representative, Lukas Schadegg were invited over the weekend to attend their (Life in the Spirit Church) BCT graduation at Ketarobo. Present were the BCT participants and their families and the Provincial Overseer for the Life in the Spirit Ministry, Pastor Eric Andrews who was there to officiate the graduation. Pastor Eric expressed his gratitude toward CRMF for providing the needed Basic Computer Training.


Pastor Eric Andrews

Lukas with BCT participant Margret 

1 Corinthians 3:5-9 New International Version (NIV) says, “5 What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. 6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. 7 So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters are anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 8 The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labour. 9 For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.”

We are only but, a part of God’s plan, mere hands and feet for God to use in order for His perfect will and His grand plan to be accomplished.

Over the weekend BCT Graduation at Katerabo

We praise God that CRMF and It’s Tek Ministri Department can be assigned by God the task to help assist churches adapt to the new culture of technology. We thank the Lord for the vision and dream He has placed within CRMF to provide such trainings, tools, equipment and the people who have the heart within CRMF to plant this knowledge and skills within the lives of many pastors, churches and individuals. Furthermore, we praise God that He will continue to help CRMF grow and also the people and churches that we impact grow in their knowledge and skills in technology to use for ministry.

And as Andre Gide quoted, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

It takes courage in order to take risks to discover new things and new knowledge and it also takes courage to unlock new opportunities in life. Therefore, we applaud churches and church leaders like the Life in the Spirit Ministry who sought help from CRMF to step out with courage and an eagerness to learn and build practical skills through technology to discover new and possible ways they can use technology to serve God, their ministries and their communities.

2020 BCT participants from Life in the Ministry Church graduate