Our History


Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship(CRMF), now known as Mission Aviation Fellowhip Technologies has been serving the people of Papua New Guinea for over 60 years!

It all began in Australia in 1946 with three vissionaries, Claude D’Evelynes, Sydney McLeod-Jones and Robert Harnell. It all started with the production of portable short-wave radios to help fellow missionaries who have been working and travelling to remote places.

In the early 1950’s it was clear that PNG needed a good reliable communication for remote villages and airstrips. So CRMF began its operations in Rugli in the Western Highlands with the use of an hydro-electric power station which they build themselves and set up a radio communications network that stretched across the remote areas in PNG.

During all these times of operations, CRMF worked closely with MAF by using its aviation services to fly to the remote areas, thus the beginning of the partnership between the two. From then on, the team of CRMF technicians continued to maintain and install radios in remote villages as well as helping missionaries with many and varied technical problems.

In 1993 CRMF moved their base to Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province. In 2001 we opened our custom built workshop. Since then CRMF’s ministry has continued to grow and expand. In 2010, we created a new ministry that went under the name Learning Technologies. This ministry was formed to partner with existing ministries in PNG to bring basic technological training and biblical resources to the remote communities as well as other missions and churches. On May 2010, CRMF officially established its long-term partnership with MAF International. This has made our organization a truly global mission. For over 60 years God has been faithful to our ministry and now we look towards the future with excitement and anticipation to see how we can continue to serve Him in PNG.