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Suitable Equipments for the Church


Solar Lights

Looking for a light system that can work off-the-grid with no power source or interruption? Come talk to us at MAF Technologies. We sell solar products from kits to solar panels to solar support equipment that will help you set up a light system that will suit your very need of having a better light for your family, church gathering or even for a church.

Solar-Powered Kits

Not only do we sell the classic projector, but we have also created a solar – powered kit that contains  a small projector inside a casing that you can carry around with you for any large gathering presentations without the need to connect to a power source, it has its own solar panel that will provide the power to power it.

Sound Equipments

Do you need a sound system for your church? Whether it be a microphone, a mixer or an amp or the  whole kit (mixer, microphone, and amps), we have them here at MAF Technologies. We can test it for you and you can choose the right ones to suit your needs.


We provide sales, installation, and backup services for all the suitable equipments for the church that we sell.