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Solar Solutions

Thinking of getting a solar solution for your home, church or school? We provide quality solar solutions.

We provide Forsera Solar Solutions here at MAF Technologies (formerly known as CRMF). Forsera is a German company that has developed a lot of high quality and durable solar systems to supply consumable energy with unique features to conserve and supply energy. These systems are best for the remote communities where power grid energy is not accessible.

These solar solutions come in set kits that included lights, battery boxes and a solar panel ranging from small 5 volts panel to a 12 volts panel which is the largest of the kit.

We also sell other solar products like solar panels, invertors, solar controllers, solar cables, solar batteries and lights.

And in our church the solar lights are shedding light on God’s Word every week.

Nason Henry

Get in touch with our sales team or visit our local store regarding our solar products and services.