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AJ Studer Solar System

A solar system that suites your daily needs

AJ Studer Solar System

The Studer AJ Solar System is an autonomous solar home system which is designed to run a wider range of 240V appliances. This system provides a great solution for remote communities to cover for basic power needs for remote business office, remote churches, aid-posts and even remote schools and homes.

Compatible Appliances  for your System

The AJ Studer Solar System comes in two different series. The AJ 600 is the small system and the AJ 1300 is the large system. It is important to know how much power can be produced and consumed on a daily biases from either of the solar system. Check to see if the solar system that you are purchasing is compatible for your specific needs.

Setting up your AJ Solar System

A manual guide for the AJ 600 and AJ 1300 have been created to help you set up your very own AJ Solar System. You can easily access the manual from the download option provided below. The system is so easy to install that you can do the installation on your own using the manual guide. Everything you need to do the installation are already provided in the kit.

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