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Medevac – What is impossible with men is possible with God

by | Jul 26, 2019 | HF Radio, Medical Evacuation

Early Monday morning, CRMF received a call from Huya area, a remote community located just below Mt Bosavi in Hela Province. The radio operator called requesting assistance for a Medevac on behalf of Alima Gesosa, a 14-year-old from Hagen who accidently chopped off her three toes whilst she was chopping fire wood. The accident resulted in heavy bleeding leaving her in a very critical condition so Alima was then referred to Tari Hospital for immediate attention and medical treatment.

CRMF called Mr. Kit Ketekai, the Secretary for Tari Health Services to organize logistics for Alima and her guardian. However, Mr Ketekai responded saying that he could only meet the patient’s airfares and not her guardian’s. After receiving this information, the CRMF Radio Operator emailed MAF to inform them about the requested Medevac and the response of the Tari Health Services.

 At that time, MAF only had flights to Western Province, so they asked if Alima could go instead to the Rumginae Hospital in the Western Province to receive immediate treatment. Alima’s parents agreed for their daughter to be evacuated to Rumginae for treatment. 

God intervened and answered Alima’s parents’ prayers through MAF’s generosity to meet her father’s airfare. Amila and her father were then transported to the Rumginae Hospital, all the way at the Western Province where she could finally be attended to and receive the care and medical treatment she needed for her wounds.

At that time CRMF Accounts Manager, Sussan Siwi and Radio Operator, Justina Martin who had attended to the call were so amazed by the Lord’s hand at work and exclaimed, “What is impossible with men is truly possible with God!”

Amila’s family and relatives are relieved that Amila is in good hands and undergoing proper medical treatment. The family are thankful to God, and MAF and Tari Health Service for their generosity and the successful Medevac. They also extended their appreciation to CRMF for being there to link people and services through radio communication, making it possible for Amila to be evacuated to Rumginae Hospital where she can be properly treated.