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The Basic Computer Training (BCT) program opens a learning pathway that provides basic training specifically for church leaders and their ministry staff to use technological devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets with their multiple functions and programs, as a powerful tool for the sake of creating ministry documents, recording and sharing Christian content to further their outreach and ministry in their churches and their communities.
BCT was recently carried out at the Wingie Assemblies of God (AOG) Bible School at Wingie in the East Sepik Province. It is one of several AOG Bible Colleges across PNG that receive sponsored students from local AOG churches throughout Papua New Guinea. The school offers a Certificate and Diploma program for their students to undergo specific theological training and mentoring in the area of pastoral leadership for the length of one or three years. Upon finishing, they graduate with either a Certificate Level or Diploma Level Certificate as Pastors and are released back to their local churches to support the work at the local church level and eventually the district, regional and national church levels.
The Basic Computer Training workshop carried out by CRMF at the Wingie AOG Bible School will contribute to their skill sets to equip them as future pastors and church leaders with the basic knowledge and skills to operate a computer and its programs. We’re hoping that this can then enable them to use what they have learnt for their ministry in the churches they are assigned to.
This has been the second BCT that we’ve held at AOG Wingie Bible School following the first held last year. Our trainers where excited about this training because they saw first-hand the improvements from the participants who had attended the Basic Computer Training last year.

“It was amazing to see the improvements from previous students. They seemed very confident in the knowledge and skills that they had learnt from the two-week BCT that was held early last year.” – Lina Tomagau.

There were 24 participants who had registered for and took part in this recent Basic Computer Training including 16 who were new to the training. The participants were eager to learn and as a result, our trainers did an additional night class from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. This night class gave the students more time to do actual hands-on interaction with the materials – computers – that were handed out to them. The night lesson was also extended to a few school teachers and grade 8 students providing them an opportunity to learn basic computer skills to help them in their report writing and essay writing.
The students at Wingie AOG Bible School have found this training very important for their ministry as they feel that it has enabled them to become more competent and advanced in the use of technologies available and provided to them for their ministry. They remarked that what they have learnt will be put to effective use especially to create church reports and to write and record church documents such as events and timetables.
God continues to use the BCT workshops to equip and enhance the churches, pastors and ministry leaders with the needed skills and knowledge to help them advance and expand in their church and ministry through the use of technology.