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Basic Computer Training Becomes Effective

by | May 30, 2019 | Basic Computer Training, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

CRMF General Manager, Bryan Mathews with Wycliffe Association IT Person, Johnathan.
CRMF General Manager, Bryan Matthews and LT Manager, Caine Ruruk were both invited by Wycliffe Association to attend their 2-week Bible Translation Training (BTT) program located 4 kilometres outside of Goroka in Masi.
During their visit they were surprised to see pastors of different denominations who had participated in the 2018 Basic Computer Training (BCT) that was sponsored by Goroka Pastors Fraternal.

Amongst the Pastors who attended the Bible Translation Training was Pastor Sweki Munto who is from the Foursquare Church at 8 Mile, Kainantu (E.H.P).

Pastor Sweki Munto attends the 2 week Bible Translation Training.

Our trainers were pleasantly surprised to find Pastor Sweki, the oldest of the pastors who had attended BCT in 2018 actually put to effect the basic computer skills and knowledge he had learned then. Pastor Sweki had no previous exposure to computers and yet he had familiarised himself with the skills from BCT to help Wycliffe Association with translations for the Tok Pisin Bible to this day.
Brian Ward with Pastor Sweki Munto during the 2018 BCT.
Pastor Sweki recently visited BCT trainer at that time, Brian Ward and thanked him for the basic computer knowledge and skills that he learnt from the program. Because of that training Sweki and other pastors from Open Bible Church, CRC, ALC, EBC and Baptist Church who attended BCT are now using these skills to help with the translation of the Tok Pisin Bible.

“The pastors who had attended BCT in 2018 were so excited to see us during their Bible translation training. It was a amazing to see these pastors put to effect the training that was thought to them by our CRMF team” – Learning Technology Manager, Caine Ruruk.

We are beyond blessed to be seeing first-hand and bearing testament to the fact that the BCT program has proven effective in equipping many pastors with basic computer skills and knowledge that are playing a large and vital role in advancing the gospel of God in PNG.

Pastors who participated during the 2018 BCT workshop. Pastor Simon from Open Bible Church (left) and Pastor Alkin from CRC.

CRMF is also providing assistance with the Tok Pisin Bible translations in the area of research and technical support through the provision of solar-powered tablets and laptops to continue the work of Bible translations in PNG.