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Basic Computer Training in Lae

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Basic Computer Training, Outreach, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

“The first thing that caught my eyes at the entrance to Bumbu settlement was a banner that read, ‘CRUSADE & COMPUTER COURSE …ALL WELCOME’. I was a bit anxious and thought, ‘what if more than 30 people showed up. I won’t know what to do. But only 17 people came.’ ” – Lina Tomagau, IT Technician and Trainer.

The Recent Basic Computer Training (BCT) was organised and hosted by Olive Ministries at Markham Compound in Lae’s Bumbu area. This training was CRMF’s first BCT in Lae and the team had the privilege of training 19 participates who were mainly pastors from different denomination.

During the first week, trainer Lina Tomagau taught the pastors the basics of computer skills like how to use a computer, create folders and save files. They also covered the basics of using Microsoft Word, typing letters and reports, and creating church programs. Towards the end of the week Lina taught them how to print their church documents from the computer.

“It takes me a month just to create a program for the church and print it out, but after attending this training, I now have the knowledge which makes my work faster and easier.” – Agatha D. Francis, Secretary at PNG Mission Field Seven Day Adventist Reform Movement.

During the second week, Caine Ruruk taught the pastors how to create a PowerPoint presentation using a projector and showed them the basics of Excel, like how to do simple calculations and basic bookkeeping skills such as recording the church tithes and offering on Excel.

“What CRMF has brought here is a great impact that I’ve learnt so much. Thank you CRMF for bringing this training to the rural areas to help the simple people improve in our technology skills .” –  Agatha D Francis, Secretary at PNG Mission Field, Seven Day Adventist Reform Movement.

Except for a couple of them who needed a lot of assistance, most of the participants caught on quickly. Our team had two participants who were former graduates of Lae CLTC Campus and they both expressed their appreciation of learning about Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Excel.

One of the female participants who attended BCT was the President of Lae Women in Business. She said her role is to keep records and data of all the women from different districts in Morobe Province. She has a computer and printer, but her lack in knowledge in using them limited her from utilising the computer for her current role. She is glad she came to this course which will help her in her new role.

We also had a manager from a company who is in charge of about 500 employes. He said he lacked authority in his capacity as manager because he only gave orders for his subordinates to do work on computers and saw printed results of his orders. “Now with this training, I am in a position to know.” 

The Basic Computer Training was not only recognised by the Pastors and individuals in Lae, but it was also recognised by the National Newspaper.

Olive Ministry Senior Pastor Joshua Raruamp told National Post Courier that churches have ministries like education, health and community programmes that require them to furnish reports. Most of the time, their reports are informal, but now they can be written formally using computer skills they attained from the Basic Computer Training that CRMF provided.

“There are thousands of ways in spreading the gospel of Christ and one of those ways is through Technology. CRMF has helped us in using the basics of computer and software’s so that we can continue to spread the gospel of Christ throughout PNG.” – Agatha D. Francis, Secretary at PNG Mission Field Seven Day Adventist Reform Movement.

This was CRMF’s first Basic Computer Training in Lae and, even though there were no tables or chairs provided, the participants did not mind borrowing chairs from a nearby church and using the pews as tables. At times it was uncomfortable for them, but their eagerness and hunger for learning the basics of computer drove them to enjoy and soak in every needed skill and piece of information.

CRMF is glad that we can continue to impact our communities and churches through workshops like Basic Computer Training. We thank Papa God that, even though this was our first training in Lae, everything went well and both pastors and participants who attended feel like they’ve taken in so much knowledge from the Basic Computer training.