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by | Oct 12, 2018 | Digital Bibles: Audio Bibles

CRMF has gone through seven different solar powered audio bibles since it started to distribute the Word of God via these audio devices. As part of its goal to be the last mile to take bibles and biblical resources to the remotest places of Papua New Guinea, CRMF has partnered with Mega Voice to achieve this goal by becoming the distributor of MegaVoice solar powered audio bibles.
In the last eight years CRMF has distributed Bibles with the partnership of MAF Pilots, Translations Organisations, and other Missions organisations in the country. The Lord in his faithfulness to see his word reach the lost has allowed us to distributed on a yearly average of 3,000 print bibles, 100 biblical resource books and 300 audio bibles.

The print bibles have been with MAF Pilots via the Bible Box while the bigger bulk of our audio bible distribution has been with translation organisations.

We are really excited with the increase of the number of audio Bibles that are ending up at SIL New Testament dedications because they are covering the majority of our country’s population. Our vision to distribute to remote oral communities is being achieved through our partners who serve the remote people groups.
We appreciate the testimonies from SIL dedications with reports of audio bibles being sold out. We praise God for the work of the translators and the hunger for God’s Word by the speakers. We pray for the remaining translation task in our country because we know as mother tongue speakers, we will understand Scripture when the Holy Spirit illuminates and reveals the Scriptures in the language we understand.


We praise God for the key partners we have with MegaVoice, MAF Pilots and translation organisations. This year has been our record sale of audio bibles because SIL translators alone have bought about 60% of our audio bible stock. This means that we would need to put a new order and break a record of buying only 800 units in a year to 2,000 units in a single year!  This is an indication that CRMF has important key partners with translation organisations to distribute Scripture in the heart language and address the dropping literacy levels in our country.

Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to give us a good relationship with MegaVoice, our MAF pilots and key translations organisations like SIL to continue to distribute His Word to the remote parts of our country. We again praise the Lord for MegaVoice for willing to address our request to for a “SD card less” Envoy unit, our current hot item that houses the living saving word of God.

We are thankful for this model because its feature has a led light to show the path when it gets dark and the Scriptures which is a lamp to the feet and the guide for the path Psalm 119:105.

According to the Gospel of Matthew, being in charge of bigger things is the direct result of taking care of little things, Matthew 25:21. His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.
The Ambassador unit is the model that CRMF started with and as stated earlier we have gone through different models. The Envoy Ember is our current model which we believe will be popular with our translators because of its feature of not have SD card options.

Our special thank you to the Lord for the founders of Mega Voice and our valued translators to place Bibles in the hands of our people.

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