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by | Sep 19, 2018 | Outreach

As Disciples of Christ we have a calling to cross over to the other side to be able to cross paths with people needing our Lord. PNG is a country so rich in rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys. We have the challenge to cross those rivers and lakes, climb those mountains and valleys to do ministry.

The CRMF Week-End Outreach ministry had three opportunities last week-end to tell people that God loves them and there is hope for everyone!. This was done through Tech Talk which is an awareness to educate the Church and the community on how to utilise technology for ministry and also warn against the wrong use of technology which is a direct threat to ministry. The CRMF team to Ukarumpa was with the Lutheran Renewal Church. Pastor Ham Peter and family and the church members received us well with the Tech Talk and the preaching on Sunday morning on the topic of “What is truth?” in the context of the Pilate’s question to Jesus in John 18:37

CRMF commends the churches and non-government organisations in our country who continue to do awareness for a good and a healthy nation. As technology for the church, our desire is to help feed the church with important information that the pastors and ministry leaders can use to do their ministry.

One of the major issues that we are helping to educate during our talks is the high rate of violence against women in Papua New Guinea. It is general knowledge that the media has speculated that “PNG is a very dangerous place for a woman to live.”

The Lord showed us that everywhere we do Tech Talks to do awareness on the wrong use of internet especially pornography will always be a new message because we are discovering that not many know that it is affecting families, communities and the nation as a whole.

Pornography does affect everybody and not only the addicted person because this person has a family and a community. It is similar to a ‘haus krai’ situation which affects the family and the community because a person has died.

We thank the Lord for the opportunities to address social issues like the caption above.  It is a very poor excuse to steal and sell sex in order to survive because our Lord has blessed our country abundantly. All we need to do is to make use of the sound mind that the Lord has given us to help us make better choices.

 The Shocking Reality of the Sexual Violence Epidemic in Papua New Guinea. A new Doctors without Borders survey documents the alarming scale of the abuse of women and children in the country. 

By Charlotte Alfred.

The bottom line is that the Lord has given us everything that we need to live and enjoy life on this earth by living according to his standards and values, once we set up our own standards and values we can be sure to hurt ourselves. The first sin was committed because of a wrong choice to go against the standards set by God.

The team is grateful to the Lord for opening up an opportunity for ministry. As a result, we were able to cross over the Bae River to minister to the members of the Lutheran Renewal Church.

Pastor Ham thanked the team for the week end ministry and will request again for the Tech Talk when a bigger gathering occurs across the Bae River.

We pray for opportunities to cross rivers and situations and into the lives of trapped people because of wrong choices they have made or wrong thinking they have grown up with; as a result  they are addicted to pornography and wrong thinking about others and having non- communicable diseases

So in our talks we are asking the question of why this is so given the beautiful Melanesian cultural dress code which is basically half naked for our women folk and yet their generation did not experience high rate of violence we read in the papers today. Is it the change of times and the devaluing moral standards that the whole world is experiencing? Is it the general flow of social issues in the world?

There is also the high rise of diabetics in the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea directly related to the kind of food we eat. This report from the IPS [Inter Press News Service] concludes that increase in consumption of fresh foods and exercise will help prevent non-communicable diseases.

The church is doing that scripturally and our desire is to assist by providing technical information, statistics and resources so that they are equipped to ministry to those who are on the wrong side.

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