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Our Stories

Real Smiles

by | Sep 7, 2018 | HF Radio, Technology For Ministry

Real Smiles   These smiles are real and full of hope because of the new HF radio installed in their villages. Before these villages were isolated and had no form of communication.
Recently we helped organize a medevac for a village much like the ones in these pictures. We received a radio call from a health worker in Maramuni, Wabag District urgently telling us how a young man had accidentally gotten shot in the ankle earlier that day and that his bones were smashed and was loosing a lot of blood. We called MAF Hagen. As soon as they received our emergency call, they started arranging flights and within 2 -3 hours the plane flew out to Maramuni and brought the young man and his guardian to Mt. Hagen Hospital. That is why these smiles are real, because they know this radio could save one of their lives some day!

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