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by | May 28, 2018

It is interesting how connections are made, connections that develop and blossom into real opportunities to make a difference in ministry. The Lord set up his connection with Moses in a surrounding that drew him away from his normal chore of caring for the sheep. A meeting that basically changed the cause of history for Israel as God’s chosen people and the pagan pyramid nation of Egypt.
Throughout the Bible we can discover the planned meetings set up by the Lord, take place in the lives of different people; Gideon on the threshing floor, Balam on a donkey and Namaan at the Jordan River and so on into the New Testament era where the Lord planned to meet Saul on the road to Damacuss.
Each of us has different situations and circumstances of how we came to be where we are today. For most of us there was no burning bush or lighting or some other mysterious miraculous experience but we all have our connection points premeditated by the Lord. So whether it is a ministry connection or a personal encounter, the Lord is in charge. He has plans to blossom those connections into effective ministry just as Moses became the deliverer for a nation and Paul became the advocate-tor for the Gentile nations.
Such a “Lord planned” connection for ministry took place on a normal CG flight (Third level carrier airline – PNG Air flight code identification) from Mt Hagen to Wewak. Among the passengers were two normal passengers with whom the Lord had planned for such a meeting to take place; and towards the end of this normal flight our eProjects Specialists Mr Brian Wrad and Senior Pastor for Assemblies Of God Wingei, Pastor Francis Seni agreed in principle to have CRMF Learning Technologies PNG conduct a basic computing course for the Bible school
The Lord used a normal flight to connect two people who were looking for opportunities to serve the Lord. There is nothing special about the flight, maybe they were travelling on special fares; my point is that when we are looking for opportunities to serve the Lord in our normal daily dealings, He will open our eyes and ears to see and hear voices of need in our communities.
About two months later an arrangement was done for AOG Wingei Assistant Pastor Isaac Maken to attend the basic computing course with Foursquare’s Life Bible College students as an exposure for experience. Soon after that CRMF donated a desktop computer to West Yangoru Missionary Training and Community Learning Center to consolidate the new relationship that started during the CG flight.
Some of our participants were Community school teachers who saw this as an opportunity they could not afford to miss and so adjusted our schedule to help the pastors and teachers who were able to attend.
By the end of 2017 a formal request for basic computing course was registered on the CRMF LTPNG ministry calendar for May 2018. Here we are at the end of this successful training in May for the pastors and the Bible school students and with an extension to school teachers.
As trainers we discovered that this is not a regular bible school but a theological institution that has the vision to equip graduates with theological knowledge as the foundation with other practical skills like computing, carpentry, basic first aid and basic business skills.
We praise the Lord for His plans to connect CRMF and AOG West Yangoru Missionary Training School and look forward for the Lord’s direction and will to enter into an ongoing partnership and ministry.
Thank you again for your support and prayers, without you all this planned meeting set up by the Lord would not be successful.

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