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Prison Ministry shares hope through the prison bars

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Biblebox, Outreach, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

MAF Technologies and EBC ministry partnership brings light to the Bihute prisoners through donations.

Bihute correctional service inmates moving their English standard size Bible boxes donated by MAF Technologies.

MAF Technologies Prison Ministry team, along with members of the Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC), shared light to the prisoners of Bihute Correctional service with donations of food supplies, hygiene kits, and 480 standard-size printed Bibles for inmates and officers.

Retired pastor for EBC and coordinator for the prison ministry, Francis Ovio, reveals that prison ministry visitation is part of rehabilitation for prisoners, and that it will guide their lives in the right direction.

“According to the Lord’s word in Matthew 25:36, as Christians we are obliged to, clothe the naked, visit the sick, and also visit those in the prison. We also thank the Bihute Correctional Service for allowing us to deliver the presents and Bibles to the inmates basically to assist their physical needs and help improve their spiritual faith,” Pastor Ovio said.

He added that, the event also wraps up the 2023 annual prison ministry visit to the Bihute correctional service.

Despite being enclosed by thick steel bars and having limited freedom, they were delighted to receive gifts, as it showed through the smiles on their faces, knowing that many of them do not receive anything exceptional, on a regular basis.

Through the prison ministry, many inmates were converted and brought to light in their faith in Jesus Christ, which was the result of a dedicated team that aspires to share God’s Gospel to everyone.

Bible Boxes donated by MAF Technologies as part of Prison Ministry to the Bihute inmates and Correctional officers.

After receiving the gifts and donations, an unnamed male prisoner and spokesperson testified that the prison ministry has persuaded many of them to change their views on how they perceive themselves as undeserving individuals rather to realise that God loves everyone regardless of their wrongdoings.

Bihute Correctional Service officer and spokesperson, Kopul, Tave Tavamo expressed that Bihute Correctional Service is always pleased to welcome Christian ministry for visitation as part of prisoner rehabilitation, as it is a duty to all to support the inmates physically and in spiritual growth as well. 

“We thank EBC and MAF Technologies for the presents and donations of Bible Boxes to the detainees, as it is only through God’s Grace that such donations contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners,” he said.

The seven Bible boxes provided will be evenly handed out to the male and female inmates, while the three Bible boxes will be presented to Bihute Correctional Service staff.