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Lighting up remote homes for underprivileged.

by | Apr 24, 2023 | New!, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

Communities in remote Telefomin district appreciates solar project for lighting up their homes.

A Mother and Son were delighted after recieving the donated Mini home Solar kit.

A total of One-hundred and eighty mini home solar kits were distributed by MAF Technologies [formerly known as CRMF] to the underprivileged communities in Telefomin district who do not have access to electricity over many years. This has brought much joy to the locals as they were greatly impacted by this successful project as they have power in their homes.

Telefomin situates near the border of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and is only accessible via air. Basic services are scarce due to its geographical location and rough terrain, consequently leaving communities, clans scattered across rivers and mountain ranges in this distant district.

This project was initiated by the Australia Department of Foreign affairs and trade (DFAT) and was managed under UNOPs while MAF Technologies was assigned as the contractor to distribute and install the solar kits in the six selected villages of Telefomin. The villages were Bogalmin, Misinmin, Bilso, Atempkiakmin, Tolax and Similbin.

Telefomin district Station

More than twenty years ago, missionaries provided hydroelectricity to the Telefomin area. However, the machine deteriorated over time after the missionaries left, leaving the villages in darkness. This burden came to a halt a year ago when the mini home solar kits were being installed into the houses of the Telefomin community.

This has not only allowed them to power their mobile phones and other electronic devices but most significantly enabled them to carry out night activities such as mothers carrying out their chores, children studying, families enjoying the comfort of entertaining themselves under a light and has also been an effective aid in night security.

Solar recipient Rhoda Mickson in her home, studying with her children under the mini home solar kit light.

The solar kits that were donatede to us really helped us in getting things done, especially at night. I as a mother of four can perform my chores at home, whiles the children are able to complete their assignments and schoolwork at night for the first time.

Rhoda Micksonfemale recipient and spokesperson of Mothers in Misinmin village.
According to a United Nations climate action Statistics, Renewable energy is now the cheapest power source in most parts of the world. Declining costs make renewable energy more appealing all around, particularly in developing nations. With lowering costs, there is a clear chance for low-carbon sources to contribute a significant portion of new power supply in the years to come.

As many Papua New Guinea rural societies are gradually serviced with the lights through such initiatives, many can now be able to utilize modern technologies which could make their daily life much easier. MAF Technologies is eager to provide sustainable services with its partners, having the primary goal of protecting our natural environment by using a renewable energy source that has a minimal impact on the natural surroundings.

Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.