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A Solar Solution That Suites Their Daily Needs

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Solar Installation, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

MAF Technologies Safety Officer, John Ipi assist with the on-loading of the the AJ solar panels onto the Nazarene Ministry’s Vehicle.

Nazarene Mission Services logo on their Vehicle.

Representatives from Nazarene Mission Services recently visited MAF Technologies to collect their large orders of the new AJ Studer Solar Power System. They purchased two different series of the AJ Studer System, the AJ 600 Studer solar kit and the AJ 1300 Studer solar kit to cater for their Health facility, their staff housing and their remote aid posts.

An image of the AJ 600 Inverter

The Studer AJ Solar System is an autonomous solar home system which is designed to run a wider range of 240V appliances. This system provides a great solution for remote communities to cover for basic power needs for remote business office, remote churches, aid-posts and even remote schools and homes. The AJ Studer Solar System comes in two different series. The AJ 600 is the small system and the AJ 1300 is the large system.
Twelve (12) AJ 600 Studer Solar Kit will be installed for the Nazarene Health Center’s staff housing and a few will be donated and installed at their smaller aid post that are suited in several different remote locations (Sipik, Mandy and Bena). Whiles four (4) larger AJ 1300 AJ Studer Solar Kit will be installed at the Nazarene Health Center to cater for the whole Health facility and the community who would depend on their health service.

Nolly Molombo who is the Operations Manager for the Nazarene Mission Services made a remark that the AJ Studer Kit is exactly the power source they needed to supply sufficient power for their Health Center and aid post to operate 24/7 without having issues with limited power supply. He also added that both the AJ 600 and AJ 1300 Studer System is a convenient solar kit to have on hand especially if it’s easy  for them to install and also maintain without the help of Technicians.

Representatives from Nazarene Mission Services. Pictured from the left is the Driver Operator, David Teklau with Mechanic, Mark Albert and Operations Manager, Nolly Molombo.

MAF Technologies team with the Nazarene team on-loading the AJ Kits and Panels into the Nazarene Mission Services Vehicle.
‘Everything you need to know is provided in a step-by-step manual guide…Finally!! We can have a convenient solar power source that we ourselves can easily install and maintain…’ ~ Nolly Molombo.

Nolly concluded that, they appreciate MAF Technologies for the initiative to provide the AJ studer system that will benefit the health centre, the smaller aid post and also the communities who would benefit greatly from these solar kits.