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MAF Medical Evacuation for Pregnant Mother

by | Dec 22, 2020 | HF Radio, Medical Evacuation, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

On the 15th of December 2020, a community health worker from Sindani in the Eastern Highlands Province reported to CRMF of a 29-year-old pregnant mother who needed immediate assistance because her baby was positioned horizontally transverse in her womb. CRMF radio operator relayed the massage to MAF to arrange a medevac flight for the pregnant mother from Sindani to Goroka where she could get proper help and assistance at the Goroka General Hospital.
The patient is from a village which is located in the remote settings of Eastern Highlands of PNG and unfortunately has no access to hospitals or health services nearby so her only option was to get help from CRMF and MAF.

We praise the Lord that our PNG MAF Pilot could provide a safe and quick medevac for her and her sister. We also thank God that the CRMF team was also available at the time to provide a vehicle transport for them to the Goroka General Hospital.

The patient is currently safe in the care of doctors and nurses there. Please pray for safety and health upon both her and her baby and for safe delivery of her baby at the proper time.

We are blessed that CRMF can continue to provide HF Radio communication which is an effective way to reach the most remote settings within Papua New Guinea. Through communications we can continue to help provide a way for patients to receive the necessary health services needed. We also thank MAF for providing a more quick and reliable transport via airplane for the patient to receive immediate help and assistance at the Goroka General Hospital.