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Radio Installed in Biaidi

by | Dec 13, 2019 | HF Radio, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

Pastor Jinga (in the yellow shirt) pictured with his family.

The opening of the new EBC Church in Biaidi.

Pastor Jinga and his family are missionaries that have lived and worked independently in Biaidi for the last three years. Biaidi is a day’s walk from Sirisiri at Goodenough Bay, in the Milne Bay Province. This area is very much controlled by animism belief and very few Christians are found there. The main belief in Biaidi is Bahai which is a religion that has been introduced from Persia.

But we praise God that by His Grace and Help the Jinga family managed to establishing the first EBC Church (Evangelical Brotherhood Church) in Biaidi.

Pastor Jinga, his family and the community of Biaidi celebrate the opening of the new EBC church. The Church only consist of Pastor Jinga and his family. Pray that the whole community will come to know the Lord.

Without any means of communication nearby, it was very difficult for the Jinga family to keep in touch with other Christians, families and the EBC headquarter. The only way to receive communication was to travel to town, and that was a long distance away from where they reside and to get there would cost another expense. Sometimes they would try to get a mobile phone signal after half a day’s walk up the mountain. However, this was mostly unsuccessful.

When I arrived at the village to install the HF radio, the pastors wife started to cry as finally the so long hoped for communication had arrived in their community.
They are now able to share their struggles, challenges and prayer points with other Christians and get the moral support from the EBC headquarter they have so longed for. And in addition to that, it has also become easier for communication in cases of medical emergencies.

Lukas installs the HF radio in Biaidi with the helping hands of the Biaidi people.

It was a huge challenge for the Biaidi people to receive medical help in cases of medical emergencies because it takes one and a half day’s of long walks with the extra heavy loads of cargo (which are part of the daily living) to reach the main remote health clinic.

To live in this remote village is not easy. It is accompanied by a lot of hardships. Even the kids living there would have to cross a large river every day to go to school and this was dangerous especially when it rained as the current would become very strong.

Despite the many challenges that the Jinga family and Biaidi people have to endure, the Lord continues to help them in so many ways by demonstrating His mighty power. There was a time when their younger son broke his collar bone. People from the surrounding communities offered to help with magic, but Pastor Jinga refused and prayed to God. The Lord showed up and healed his young boy miraculously.

Please pray with us for the strengthening of the church at Biaidi and for the people there to be set free from the darkness and fear that rule their lives. They are even afraid to go out to the toilets at night because they believe they will die if they get touched by fire flies, as ties to their superstition belief that fire flies possess magical powers.

We pray and believe that in Christ Jesus alone can He bring peace and knowledge in their lives, as we believers, believe and know that He rules over all the powers and principalities of this world.

Lukas Schadegg, November 2019

“For two years we were not able to communicate with our head office, and we thought they had forgotten about us and must have thought we were dead.”

Quote from: Pastor Jinga



We praise the Lord that Lukas was able to complete the radio install in Biaidi. We are thankful to Mission Aviation Fellowship who fundraised to sponsor this recent radio project for the people in Biaidi. Without MAF’s faithful support and help we wouldn’t be in a position to help provide the needed service to people such as Jinga, his family and the people in Biaidi. This Radio is an answer to their prayer.

For pastor Jinga and his family, this gives them hope that they are not alone in their mission work in Biaidi. They are now able to connect to the outside world and get both physical and spiritual support through radio communication. Thank you MAF!