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BCT Participants Eager to learn

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Basic Computer Training, What MAF Technologies (formerly CRMF) Does

Wasua District (Western Province): Largest BCT participation, to date

Recently, last month (July), our Tek Min team flew to Hagen on a MAF plane and from there made another 1-hour flight trip to Wasua in the Western Province to carry out the Basic Computer Training (BCT) program to the Evangelical Church of PNG (ECPNG). This training was the first ever BCT to be held at the ECPNG at Dede Village, Wasua District and this was also the first of its kind to include a total of 111 eager and enthusiastic participants. The largest number of participants, to date. This was even more reason for our team to be excited and look forward to their time at Wasua.

Upon nearing the Wasua district, thick white clouds covered their view making it difficult for MAF pilot, Mathias Glass to see ahead. He was just about to turn the plane and head back to Hagen when he spotted a clear opening from within the thick clouds and made a quick fly through it. A few minutes after emerging from the clouds, Mathias Glass safely landed the plane in the old and run-down airstrip of Wasua, successfully transporting our team to Wasua and then headed back to Hagen.

The Tek Min team were greeted by a big welcome from the ECPNG Church and their participants and Wasua church community with large flower laces that were placed around their necks and songs played to welcome them to Wasua, ECPNG. Our team felt right at home.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as the 111 participants from 12 different local churches in the Middle Fly Area of Balimo District in the Western Province came prepared, expectant and excited for the BCT. For some of the participants who lived nearby, it took them 30 minutes to get there on a boat taxi (canoe and speed boat) and for others living further out it took them almost an hour to get to Wasua ECPNG Church.

A boat taxi is a common form of transport for those living along the Fly River.

For this recent training our team included some new changes and tried a new approach to deliver the basic computer training to cater for the large number of participants. The subject lessons covered for the BCT were grouped into three main areas from Computer Knowledge, Administration and Management Skills (A & M) and Ministry Skills (MS). The Computer Knowledge lesson basically covered the important information that a pastor and his/her ministry team needs to know like functions, parts and general care of the device. The A&M lesson covered the use of Microsoft Word and MS Excel for general administration and management work. Our team then trained the pastors and ministry leaders on how MS Power Point could be used for ministry purposes to preach, teach and deliver the Gospel in a creative way.

Basic computer training (BCT) with 58 participants attending the day sessions.

Basic computer training with 53 participants attending the night sessions.

We divided the participants for day sessions and the night sessions. During the day sessions we had a total of 58 participants and during the night sessions we had a total of 53 participants. Because of the limited laptops we have – 29 to be exact – we put 2 participants each to a laptop. The day sessions ran from 7:30am – 3:00pm and the night session from 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

Even though this was the largest group our trainers had ever worked with for the BCT workshop, our Tek Min team found it easy to work with them because, they were all united in helping each other and they were eager to learn.

“The 111 participants that registered for the training showed how determined they were to receive more training. With CRMF purposed to provide technology for the church and with a vision to equip the saints for ministry purposes, we will do our best to assist those who are willing to help themselves.” ~ Caine Ruruk, CRMF Tek Min Facilitator and Trainer.

“The highlight for me as a trainer and facilitator for Tek Ministri was the support that each local congregation gave for their participants who took the course. I discovered that each of them hand-picked the participants who took the course and went to the extent of providing chairs to sit and food for them as well as cooks to prepare all their meals including food for the trainers too.

The support from the kitchen and the caretakers was awesome! They provided entertainment with dramas and dancing during meal times and shouted for joy when their participants printed for the first time or did a power-point presentation. I have never seen a group really united and so excited to receive training… the general atmosphere of eagerness to learn in a loving and sharing manner made our job so much easier.” – Caine Ruruk, CRMF Tek Min Facilitator and Trainer.

An interesting occurrence to add on to this, we had two BCT participants who at that time were also involved in the Local Level Elections in Wasua and one of them namely, Nelson Geiba was a former ECPNG member but left and joined another church that did not inspire much praise or worship for God in church. During BCT whilst he was doing his power-point presentation and reading scriptures from the slides, that passion he thought was lost long ago was awakened and stirred within him for praise and worship in his heart. After the two weeks of BCT both participants who were candidates in the Local Level Election had our BCT trainers Caine Ruruk and David Inava pray over them and the next day our trainers received news that both were selected as council members and Nelson went on to become the Council President.

Presentation of certificate to students who successfully completed the BCT course.

Part of BCT participants who successfully completed the basic computer training. Among them is Nelson Geiba ( the tallest guy in the back row) who went on to become the Council President.

Filled with so much gratitude the BCT participants in Wasua ECPNG Church presented gifts of mats, bilum and baskets to CRMF BCT trainers, Caine Ruruk and David Inava.

“We would like to convey our appreciation and love to the tireless and hardworking CRMF delegation team based in Goroka. We once again give praise honour and glory to our Lord and almighty, Lord Jesus Christ, for encouraging us in many way to achieve our desire in acquiring the important and valuable knowledge to help us to, administer and manage our ministry endeavors to fulfill the great commission of Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.” – The participants and the Wasua District Committee.

On our teams return to Goroka, with letters of request and deposits for purchasing laptops in preparation for training in 2021:

“To our brother, the CRMF/LTPNG Agent we are very glad and appreciate your first visit for we have seen the Lord’s wonderful hands reaching out to the poor to uplift the standards for our District Church. We have seen and felt the reality of your tireless commitment to work day and night sessions without hesitation and we say thank you to God for using you as his vessel to show his love upon his beloved people (Christians).

Furthermore we want to let you know of our interest and desire to ask you to come back, to train our many needy believers in our District Wasua who are willing to acquire the knowledge and skills that you impart in your training program. Due to the need of our church as mentioned, we the District Church have agreed to have you back for a second time in 2021. Meanwhile, we are very glad to stand in partnership with you and are looking forward for your second computer training course with us.”

Once again we are reminded through Ephesians of why we do what we do when we continue to offer the trainings and workshops like the Basic Computer Training (BCT) to churches in Papua New Guinea:

‘To equip the Saints for the work of Ministry, for building up the body of Christ.’
Ephesians 4:10

It was a huge achievement for our Tek Min team to be able to deliver a different and creative learning program to cater for the large number of participants. We owe our praise and gratitude to God for enabling us to do this. The training equipped the community of Wasua and the ECPNG Church with the knowledge and skills of Basic Computer and more than that it brought both the church and community together. It is a blessing to know how appreciative the community of Wasua and the Church of ECPNG felt towards CRMF and the trainers that ran the BCT there. The Wasua community with ECPNG Church have already planned for a second BCT workshop in 2021 and we are all looking forward to what lies ahead for that training.

We thank the Lord for our trainers Caine and David, without whom we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing through the BCT workshops. Furthermore, without the BCT workshop, churches we have the opportunity to train like Wasua ECPNG wouldn’t be able to do what they are able to do now in their ministries and outreach using the basics skills and knowledge of the computer and laptops.
Once again we would like to acknowledge and thank MAF for always being committed to providing transportation for our trainers. Without MAF we wouldn’t be able to reach the Churches and people that live in hard to reach places.