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Dave’s Own Biblebox – by Dave Rogers, MAF pilot

by | Feb 28, 2018

What’s so exciting about a cheap plastic toolbox? Well it’s what we use to store bibles and other Christian resources to take to sell in the communities we visit.

We heavily subsidise them to reduce the costs to something they can afford. To this point I haven’t had my own, so have only been able to carry them when there has been a spare one around.

So I’d been meaning for a while to get one of my own to carry around wherever I go.

Ande was the first community I got the opportunity to pull out my new bible box. And one lady really took it upon herself to help me sell all of them all. She was so excited about the low price we were selling them for (according to her, half that of what they sell them for even in major towns where supply is easy).

So she literally began to spruik them to the gathered community and was sprinting up and down the airstrip to the different huts gathering people. It was touching to see each person come up gradually to have a look and buy one – I’d try to imagine how many people that each one was going to impact. 

I also had some solar powered audio bibles with me. One man who had purchased one told me of how excited he was to be able to share it with his mother, who could not read, and would now be able to listen to it whenever she pleased.

In the end they cleaned me out of everything I had and asked me to make sure the next time I return I bring more, and tell them in advance so they can gather surrounding communities.

I wasn’t expecting to have to restock so soon, but that’s a nice problem to have!

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