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MAF Technologies

(formerly known as CRMF)

We are MAF Technologies, an inter-denominational, non-profit mission organization which has been based in PNG for over 60 years. We exist to provide the Church in PNG with technical solutions, such as radio communication, computing, solar lighting, digital audio bibles and any other technology that can help them to advance the gospel. The church in PNG is advancing rapidly into the technology age, and we are here as a bridge over the ‘technology divide’. (Click for more info)

Recent Stories

MAF up-skills employees Leadership qualities.

MAF up-skills employees Leadership qualities.

Dr. Philiip ( also known as VP) was pleased to give such training to the MAF Technologies employees as he is confident that the session will benefit the participants to grasp the qualities of a true leader in their roles as department managers.“The primary content of the training is to examine leadership in the Bible because God is the source of everything, it is important to derive all lessons from a biblical viewpoint to fully comprehend the true meaning of becoming a competent leader.” Dr Phillip uttered.

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Discover how Technology can bring POWER to your ministry!

Radio Australia, Wantok Program Interviews MAF Tech's (formerly CRMF) Trainer.

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